Should Osimhen be Banned?

2024-07-01 News

As a Nigeria football fan everything was going right until the World Cup qualifiers and the Euros started. Don’t worry, you will get the idea of what this is about, but one thing to take home from the whole drama is “maintain steeze, chop money, no stress yourself” 

BetBonanza is 5: Celebrating 5 Years of Industry-Advancing Service

2024-06-24 News

As BetBonanza celebrates its fifth anniversary, we reflect on our journey and the milestones that have defined our path. Over the past five years, we have continuously strived to set new standards in the betting and gaming industry, focusing on our core values of inclusivity, fairness, dependability, and prompt service.

What to bet on during the off-season: This betbonanza game makes you forget about football.

2024-06-11 News

There is some “place” where the real football fans go, to get a taste of the action. It is a secret to most people, but some gold miners know that this place is another sure location.

2023/2024 Premier League Season Ends

2024-05-20 News

Man City’s feat is impressive and almost unbelievable if we aren't witnessing it. They have done it again, stealing a league title from Arsenal for the second time.

What's Happening with Manchester United?: Defence Problem

2024-04-29 News

Manchester United, a team that once struck fear into the hearts of their opponents but now seems as shaky as a leaf, unable to hold onto leads as if they were trying to grip soap in the shower.

betBonanza BetBuilder is the New Way to Win

2024-04-15 News

BetBuilder is the latest transformation in sports betting, empowering players to customize their bets for football and other sports. It lets you combine multiple predictions in a single match, increasing your odds and winnings. This guide breaks down the basics of BetBuilder and shows you how to use it effectively in your betting strategies

 International Break Disaster; Biggest Upsets from the International Break Friendlies  

2024-04-02 News

Naija has come up on top with 3 wins and only one draw, but the team we had faith in to take us far in the next World Cup gave us our first loss against Mali since 1975! There is more

International Friendlies Rundown: What Happens When Enemies Play Friendly Matches...

2024-03-25 News

These country friendly matches aren't friendly at all!  This week we get to enjoy some country football matches, and some of them have been quite a thrill.

Nigeria Player Watch – Performance of The Super Eagles Stars After AFCON?

2024-03-12 News

The recent Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) showcased the impressive talent of Nigeria's Super Eagles, leaving everyone, including me, eager to see how these stars perform at their respective clubs post-AFCON (and they aren't doing too badly). Let's take a look at the standout performers and their current performances in their clubs.

Can Liverpool Find a Solid Replacement for Jurgen Klopp?

2024-02-21 News

In his own words, Klopp candidly expressed that his managerial prowess is "based on energy and emotion.

Africup Bonanza: Journey With Nigeria to AFCON Final

2024-02-19 News

The Africup Bonanza fulfilled it purpose, truly bringing the AFCON experience to life, offering fans the opportunity to win fantastic prizes and immerse themselves in the excitement of the tournament. From the pre-tournament phase, down to the activities during the tournament, fans were super engaged and hopped on every chance to enjoy themselves.

Who Makes It to the Afcon 2024 Finals

2024-01-31 News

The tournament is packed with top-league African players in club football coming home to play and has a record of having the top-ranked 16 African countries in the world play in the event.  With the AFCON 2024 featuring the crème de la crème of African football talent, it's anyone's game

The Ladies Guide to Betting 101 (Casino Games)

2024-01-22 News

As a lady wanting to have a piece of this betting pie, this guide is going to help you navigate the games, and the best part is that you don’t need any sport knowledge to get started!

Manchester United vs. Chelsea: Can We Expect More From This Season?

2023-12-12 News

As we hit the midpoint of the Premier League season, the spotlight is on United and Chelsea. The buzz among fans and pundits is electric—are these teams soaring or stumbling? 


2023-11-28 News

The allure of sports betting lies in its potential to transform a mere prediction into a thrilling financial gain. However, the inherent risks involved often deter individuals from indulging in this enticing pastime. But what if there was a way to reap the rewards of sports betting without jeopardizing your hard-earned cash?


2023-11-27 News

Unlike a lot of other simulated sports games where you can’t see the action taking place and only see results, with Golden Race, you can watch the games you’ve bet on as if it were real-time but still see instant results.


2023-10-25 News

The sheer number of casino games available might be daunting, regardless of your level of experience. We've put up a list of the top casino games so you can play them and navigate through this exciting world with ease.


2023-10-12 News

Virtual sports betting is like playing a video game where you bet on who will win a pretend sports game. These games look like real sports, like soccer or horse racing. In this article, we'll explore the world of virtual sports betting and provide you with essential tips on how to make the most of your stakes.


2023-10-05 News

Numerous teams are entering the new season with the hope of making up for past shortcomings. The Miami Heat, in particular, are eager to take another shot at reclaiming their lost championship. Every team is gearing up to compete for the title, and there is no shortage of star-studded squads aiming to challenge Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets.


2023-09-21 News

While Rubiales did manage to oversee a few positive changes in Spanish football, his rein as president will leave in the minds of many for the series of scandals and controversies that Spanish football experienced under him.


2023-09-13 News

There's nothing better in sports than a team or an individual defying the odds and completing a famous comeback. The more difficult the circumstance they overturn, the better, and enthralling the story becomes. These tales of triumph even become juicier when the athlete or team involved have had to overcome adversaries on their path to glory.


2023-09-07 News

Sports betting is not just about luck; it's about understanding the odds, the players, and the game itself. It's like the pillar of your financial future. Imagine you're at a buffet, and you're trying to decide between two dishes – the spicy chicken suya pasta and the classic Jollof rice. The odds are like the menu prices, helping you decide which one offers the best bang for your buck.


2023-09-06 News

BetBonanza's share and copy feature is a game-changer. It not only simplifies the process of sharing your bet selections but also adds a layer of excitement and engagement to your betting journey. This feature can allow other punters to update you, they can review your selections or rebet them.


2023-08-16 News

If you're looking to get big payouts with a little stake on an option that is very likely, betBonanza's Boosted Odds is what you need. New sign-ups are presented with the extraordinary opportunity to bet at boosted 20.00 odds on selected matches with just ₦100, setting the stage for an exciting journey to becoming a master punter.


2023-08-08 News

With the Premier League already underway the season already promising loads of excitement here are our predictions –made in no particular order for the 2023/24 Premier League season.


2023-07-28 News

As you play Aviator, pay attention to patterns and trends in the plane's movement. While the game relies on randomness, there are some observable trends that could help you play smarter. In this article, we'll show you some essential tips to improve your chances of winning big while playing Aviator.


2023-07-12 News

Wimbledon, which distinguishes itself as the only major tennis event held on grass courts, is regarded as iconic because during the tournament, South London practically halts. The 138th event, the 2023 edition, has already seen its fair share of drama and shocking upsets. The drama was highest when fourth seed Coco Guaff and seasoned champion Venus Williams were unexpectedly eliminated in the first round.


2023-07-10 News

Multiple players at different levels have undertaken positional changes, for a myriad of reasons, which may include the team’s tactical construction, combat strength of oppositions, bringing the best out of a player at the team’s disposal and achieving varied levels of success


2023-05-31 News

During the off-season, when major leagues and tournaments are on a break, fans often find themselves craving the excitement and thrill that comes with soccer matches. While there may be no live club football games to bet on, the off-season presents a unique opportunity for soccer fans to engage in alternative betting options.


2023-05-25 News

Considering that there were 11 teams in the league in 1951, and teams were required to reduce their roster size to 10 before the All-Star Game, a mere 20 out of 110 players had the honor of participating in the inaugural All-Star Game. In other words, only a meager 18% of the league's players were deemed worthy of gracing this illustrious event.


2023-05-19 News

The likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who are legends of the game, can be traced back to football academies in Spain and Portugal respectively. While some professional players may have started as street kids, the effect and opportunities provided by football academies have been crucial in unlocking their full potential.


2023-05-12 News

Be wary of so called agents who present any ticket that does not appear like the above for any reasons. There is no such thing as a guaranteed bet


2023-05-10 News

Tuesday night in the Bernabeu, De Bruyne scored a beautiful goal to earn Manchester City a 1-1 draw. However, Carlo Ancelotti felt aggrieved because the video assistant referee (VAR) did not stop the ball from going out of play during the goal's development.


2023-05-04 News

If you are new to the world of online casino, chances are you have little knowledge of how the finest games are played and how the pros make money from them. Increase your chances of becoming the next millionaire by trying out these few tips that will help you win more when playing online and live casino games.


2023-04-27 News

At the beginning of the championship season in June of 2022 when the sudden announcement of rookie Anderlecht manager – Vincent Kompany was made, all these seemed a dream far-fetched for any Claret supporter


2023-04-20 News

We get it, betting is your thing, and that's why we've made it super easy for you to dive right into the action. With our new sportsbook, you'll have access to a range of features that are designed to make your time on our platform even more thrilling and entertaining.


2023-04-12 News

Gambling can be an enjoyable pastime when done responsibly, but it can also lead to serious problems if not kept under control.


2023-04-06 News

When Chelsea appointed Graham Potter in November of 2022, paying €25 million for the 47-year-old tactician and his backroom staff  to Brighton and Hove Albion, nothing short of magic was expected of the English manager. 


2023-03-30 News

In the world of football, there are moments that take your breath away, leaving fans in awe. From the infamous 1-7 World Cup semi-final drubbing of Brazil by Germany in 2014 to Liverpool's 7-0 thrashing of Manchester United, the beautiful game has produced some truly jaw-dropping results that no one could have predicted.


2023-03-23 News

The world of sports sees many rituals and odd superstitions from players, punters and sports fans alike. Even basketball superstar Michael Jordan had his own superstition. He used to wear his old North Carolina college shorts under his Chicago Bulls suit for good luck


2023-03-15 News

The dominance of Africans in the world of combat sports may be a mystery to many but what they fail to reckon with and which inadvertently may be a reason for this dominance is the local martial art “Dambe”.

New Manager Bounce: A Reality or A Mystery

2023-03-08 News

New managers often look more effective due to a few reasons. Reasons may range from an increase in motivation and morale or the enthusiasm and fresh perspective the new tactician brings with him. There is also a tendency of the established names to try to impress the new manager so that their places remain secured in the squad, whereas the fringe players also get an opportunity to restart.

The betBonanza App is Here

2023-03-02 News

Getting the betBonanza app is easy and straightforward. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and best of all, it's free to download.


2023-02-28 News

A cup of hope, a cup of dreams, but what many fail to call it is the cup of “controversy”.  The football competition, “FIFA World Cup” which sees countries from around the globe compete for football’s most prestigious prize —“the Jules Rimet trophy” has surely left the world with a lot of memories — such is the passion the FIFA World Cup possesses.

Carlos Alcaraz from Lowly Murcia to World No. 1

2023-02-14 News

The journey into tennis began when four-year-old Carlos was introduced to the sport by his father. The then mentor — his father, was amongst the few who believed his lad will be good enough to go professional and of a truth, a grand slam win at that point was a discussion far-fetched.


2023-02-14 News

 Though still not convincing enough for many, Steve Kerr and his team know that if a few factors and event falls into place, there is no stopping their team.

Arsenal - Mikel Arteta - The melancholia of 2021-22, the ecstasy of 2022-23

2023-01-25 News

Appalling was what best describes the situation at the Emirates, considering the high-flying start and FA Cup triumph recorded by rookie manager Mikel Arteta in the first year of his appointment.

Dallas Mavericks: Reasons for optimism despite a slow start

2022-12-16 News

Mavericks Faithful are with hope that things could soon turn for the better and sharing in that sentiment, we bring you three reasons why Mavericks fans can be optimistic despite a slow start.

Explaining the methods and trickery: How a debt-ridden Barcelona will fair amidst Champions League elimination and their chances at the Super League

2022-12-16 News

Despite their financial situation what followed was a season of off-the-roof accounting — a transfer window that saw a cash-strapped Barcelona — a club in a debt in the region of €1.3 Billion beat clubs like Chelsea and Arsenal to the signing of some of Europe’s hottest footballing properties in jaw-dropping fashion.


2022-12-16 News

Summing up the 2021 F1 season, a racing season that saw both drivers (Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton) leave it all out on the track including key battles and clashes like Silverstone and Inter-Lagos

SUPER EAGLES PLAYERS FROM THE AFCON 2000 - Where are they now?

2022-10-17 News

Losing a final on penalties in front of your home fans is not an experience any football player would have wanted.

Big Brother Naija Season 7: Who Takes the Crown

2022-10-02 News

This year's “Level Up” edition hasn’t come without its fair share of drama and as it gradually winds down this weekend, we bring to you our predictions and likely winner of this season’s edition.

Manchester United Vs. Arsenal: Preview, Prediction, Where to bet

2022-09-01 News

Having now won five from five in the 2022-23 Premier League campaign, Arsenal continue to lead the way at the top of the table, but injuries are now starting to bedevil Mikel Arteta's side.

Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk 2: Preview & Predictions

2022-08-19 News

He’s a powerful puncher, but he’s not as accurate – you’ve gotta be accurate against a guy like that.

Nigerians on the Move: All the record-breaking Nigerian transfers you have missed

2022-08-16 News

With the exception of Victor Osimhen’s transfer to Napoli, the last five transfer windows, to say the least, have given prominence to the “downward sloping curve theory” propagated by the economist.

Top Roulette Strategies for Online Casinos

2022-08-08 News

Roulette offers two types of bets: external (outside) and internal (inside) bets. Outside bets offer high chances of winning but lower payouts. On the other hand, inside bets offer low chances of winning but a bigger payout.

Sports Betting Options You should explore to Keep Winning This New Season

2022-08-08 News

From what is called the easy bet to even the hardest of them punters have endless opportunities to keep winning

Oleksandr Zinchenko: The Missing Piece to Mikel Arteta’s Jigsaw?

2022-07-29 News

The exceptional versatility and intelligent footballing brain of Zinchenko is quite admirable. He reads situations on a football pitch almost as though he’s playing with 3D goggles, picking up perfect pockets of space to receive, and always finding that killer pass to set the stage alight.

Blackjack: Basic Rules and How to Beat the Dealer

2022-07-29 News

Of course, everyone wants to know how to beat the house, but before you become a master at Blackjack, there are blackjack rules you should know and learn by heart.

Explaining the methods and trickery: How a debt-ridden Barcelona have continued to secure top signings

2022-07-22 News

Despite being mired in debt, Barcelona have taken their summer transfer spending past the £100m mark.

What Makes Online Casino Enticing?

2022-07-22 News

The online casino offers different choices of casino games and many ways to play them. Modern gaming software has more than 3000 games; the majority have the latest graphics and best audio. One of the spectacular reasons is the capability of the player to perk their platform or use other types of technology for a more exciting gaming experience.

Sports Betting and Maximising the Football Off-season

2022-07-22 News

Although the football season is only 9 to 10 months out of the year, betting on sports is actually a year-round commitment.

Online Casinos and Its Growing Popularity in Nigeria

2022-07-15 News

The popularity of online betting in Nigeria is increasing quickly, and surely online casinos will be a large part of the industry moving forward.

Amazing Advantages of Online Casinos

2022-07-07 News

These days most internet users have found interesting means of earning legit money. And without flinching, we can agree that slot machines and other casino games are one of them as they offer you the possibility of short-term earnings.

Gabriel Jesus: The man to fire Arsenal into the top four

2022-07-05 News

At the blast of Andre Marriner’s whistle that confirmed the gunners could no longer qualify for the Champions league anymore, it was sure the transfer priority for Mikel Arteta’s side and Edu was to get a marquee forward.

Factors You Should Consider When Selecting an Online Casino Site

2022-07-01 News

Numerous online sites are available from which to select, and locating the best one could be a challenge.

Learning How to Play Poker and Making Sure That You Win Big

2022-06-24 News

One of the most important things to remember when playing poker is to pay attention to your opponents. Watch how they bet and try to read their tells.

Julian Alvarez: Everything you need to know about Manchester City's newest forward

2022-06-24 News

Since signing in January, Alvarez’s sumptuous displays have seen him increase his wonderful goal tally with a staggering six-goal haul in one Copa Libertadores fixture a standout.

What Superstar Striker Erling Haaland Is Set to Bring to Pep Guardiola's Monstrous Manchester City

2022-06-17 News

Once he scored nine goals for Norway's youth side in a 12-0 victory over Honduras in the Under-20 World Cup in Poland ‘a performance that kept European giants on high alert

What is Online Casino Bonus Wagering?

2022-06-17 News

The majority of these online casinos use virtual money to fund the transactions of the players. Players can make deposits into their accounts by depositing funds into their bank accounts.

How Online Casinos Have Revolutionised the Slots Experience

2022-06-09 News

With the number of people playing online slots showing no signs of slowing down, game designers are continuing to innovate when it comes to creating new games.

Strategies for Winning at Roulette

2022-06-03 News

Throughout roulette’s long history, dozens of strategies and betting systems have been devised that players have used to try and beat the ‘Queen of the Casino’.

SILAS WAMANGITUKA: Incredible Story of Bundesliga Star Who Played With a Fake Identity

2022-06-03 News

"Over the past few years, I was constantly living in fear and was also very worried for my family in Congo"

Liverpool vs. Real Madrid: Preview, Predictions, Team News, and the Looming Revenge:

2022-05-26 News

The already set Stade de France in Saint Dennis is the venue as Liverpool battles Real Madrid in the final

Meet AS Monaco’s Reject Who is Currently Europe’s Hottest Forward

2022-05-10 News

The rise of Christopher Nkunku has been nothing short of rebuffs and knock-backs.


2022-02-07 News


AFCON Matchday Preview: Cameroon on the Hunt for Glory as Comoros Sets to Make AFCON History

2022-01-24 News

AFCON Matchday Preview: Cameroon on the Hunt for Glory as Comoros Sets to Make AFCON History


2022-01-17 News


We tip Brentford to trouble Chelsea this weekend. Plus 5 other games you must watch

2021-10-13 News

Club football took a break two weeks ago, giving way to International soccer. And within that time, new records got made: France won the UEFA Nations League, Germany zoomed into Qatar as the first country to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, and Cristiano Ronaldo netted his tenth hat-trick for Portugal, becoming the first person to have achieved that feat in football’s history.

Now club football returns again, and betBonanza previews some of this weekend’s exciting games.

Predicting Nigeria’s World Cup Qualifying games against the Central African Republic

2021-10-06 News

International football break returns for the second time in two months, as national teams try to qualify for next year’s World Cup in Qatar. In Africa, Nigeria’s Super Eagles will play a double-header with the Central African Republic, first in Lagos on October 7 and later in Bangui on October 10. BetBonanza examines both teams, their histories and current forms, and concludes Nigeria has huge chances of winning both encounters.

BetBonanza Predicts This Week’s Hottest Champions League Games

2021-09-28 News

The European Champions League returns this midweek, and BetBonanza brings you all the exciting analyses of the hottest matches.

Boxing weekend: Two Nigerian ‘brothers’ in the ring

2021-09-23 News

Nigeria’s Anthony Joshua will defend his WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight titles this weekend against Oleksandr Usyk, the undefeated cruiserweight champion who vacated the title in quest for a bigger boxing challenge at the heavyweight category.

But before the match, Lawrence Okolie will face Dilan Prasovic in one of the undercard fights at the same Tottenham Hotspur stadium in London.

Both Joshua and Okolie are Nigerian-Brits, and share a mentor-protégé relationship. It is a big day for Nigeria (and Britain), and BetBonanza examines the fights, and the odds of success for Joshua and Okolie.

The Emmys 2021: BetBonanza’s previews

2021-09-17 News

The Emmys holds this weekend. BetBonanza previews the television shows, the actors and the streaming platforms that dominated nominations. 

As the League of Champions Returns

2021-09-13 News

As the UEFA Champions League returns this week, BetBonanza previews some of the groups, and clubs’ chances of progressing to knock-out stages. Chelsea will have it easy. Same as Real Madrid. But what becomes of a broke Barcelona without Messi or an Atletico that has in Liverpool and Porto in its group?

Ronaldo’s Return

2021-09-09 News

After twelve years of departing Manchester United in a then world record £80m transfer, Cristiano Ronaldo makes a sensational return to the club where his superstardom began. BetBonanza x-rays this second coming and concludes he still has the goals in him.

Nigeria’s Upcoming World Cup Qualifiers: betBonanza predicts

2021-09-02 News

Nigeria vs Liberia; Nigeria vs Cape Verde. As the Super Eagles prepare for the Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifications, we examine Nigeria's chances against their group opponents, and conclude that Nigeria can easily ride past them.

Arsenal, Leicester, Tottenham and West Ham: Which of these can leap into this season’s top-4?

2021-08-26 News

The EPL clubs among last season's top-8 who could not get into the top-4 are all raring to go this new season. But which of them is most likely to take that leap in the event that one of the incumbents slips off. BetBonanza examines their chances.

EPL Week Two: 5 Games to bet on

2021-08-18 News

Club football returned last weekend on a bang, and a shock, and more shocks. Arsenal lost. City lost. Aston Villa lost to a team they should have won. What should we look to this week? betBonanza predicts.

Punters' Guide for EPL Return: betBonanza Predicts

2021-08-11 News

As club football returns this weekend, betBonanza brings you reviews and predictions of five of the matches that would involve some of the biggest EPL teams.

EURO 2020 semi-finals - What to bet

2021-07-05 News

The Euro 2020 semifinals are upon us! Looking for what to bet or how to bet? Get help from this piece.

Win a share of ₦250 million with Drops & Win promo 

2021-06-30 News

Get set for the biggest casino prize pool in Nigeria! You can get 1,000 times your stake every day, and 10,000 times your stake every week! Learn more...

 Euro 2020: Why Italy V Austria is a walkover for the Azurris 

2021-06-22 News

As the Italians take on the Austrians in the knockout stage of Euro 2020, hearts and minds will be rooting for the favourites, Italy. In this piece, we give you the facts and tell you why most fans have got this one right! Enjoy it.

Euro2020 Group F: Who will survive the group of death? 

2021-06-14 News

With top teams like Portugal, France, Germany and hosts Hungary all fighting for a place in the knockout, the stage is set for a showdown of epic proportions. Get ready!

Hurray! betBonanza is 2!

2021-06-10 News

As we mark two years of making the lives of thousands of Nigerians better, we reflect on how much we have achieved and project into the future. Enjoy this and celebrate with us.

New! 3 casino slot games to light up your day!

2021-06-09 News

If you want to make money and enjoy yourself at the same time, then you got to check out these casino games.

6 coaches that are likely to win Euro 2020 

2021-06-09 News

As the Euros, kick off, it will not just be a battle of players, but the real tussle will be between coaches. Some of the best managers in the game will be throwing in everything they've got to get Europe's greatest national prize. You want to know who they are? Check this piece out.

No football? No worries. 4 exciting events to bet on! 

2021-06-03 News

The sports world will be super busy with action this summer. Get an exclusive peep into the exciting sporting events taking place in June, July, and August.

betBonanza predicts likely winners of the French Open

2021-05-29 News

No football? No worries. In this piece, we turn our attention to tennis and look at the form and potential of the top seeds, as well as the likely winners of the French Open.

5 reasons why United lost the Europa League

2021-05-27 News

Against the expectations of most pundits, Manchester United lost the Europa League final to Villareal. We identify 5 reasons why Man United lost the match.

Why Salah could pip Kane to the EPL golden boot

2021-05-21 News

Who will win the most prestigious individual award in the Premier League? Kane and Salah go head to head in this piece. Enjoy it!

5 features that make our virtuals better

2021-05-19 News

Virtual betting remains a great way to bet and win. In this piece, we share with you 5 ways that our virtual platform is better than others. Enjoy the piece.

5 African players that would be crowned champions in Europe this season

2021-05-14 News

African players as always are doing the continent proud in faraway Europe. We spotlight 5 of them, and tell you their significant contribution to their teams.

2 ways to make money from online players every week

2021-05-14 News

Do you know that you can make so much money from online players? Learn how to do so with this peice.

Chelsea VS Arsenal - Why this game could be the beginning of the end of Arsenal

2021-05-08 News

In a game that could decide the European destiny of Arsenal next season, we explain why this game could be the beginning of the end of Arsenal if they fail to win.

Barca-Atletico: betBonanza predicts the winner of the match

2021-05-06 News

As Barca and Atletico face off in a potential La Liga decider, we give you a good insight into who got the best chance to come out on top!

So'ton VS Leicester: 3 reasons why Iheanacho to score is very likely

2021-04-30 News

Senior Man Kelz and his unprecedented goal-scoring run will be in action tonight. We share with you 3 reasons why he is likely to score and why you should bet on him. Enjoy the piece...

5 Popular frequently asked questions about BonanzaBallz

2021-04-28 News

BonanzaBallz is one of the easiest ways to win in our Tribe. But many Kinsmen are not yet cashing out as much as we would like. In this piece, we answer 5 of the most popular frequently asked questions about BonanzaBallz.

Andy Ruiz VS Chris Arreola: betBonanza predicts likely winner

2021-04-28 News

As former world champion Andy Ruiz prepares to mount a comeback in the hopes of regaining his lost glory, we spotlight his first fight against fellow Mexican Chris Arreola, and predict who will be the last man standing.

Champions League: Last minute guide to sure winning

2021-04-26 News

With the Champions League going into the last four, we give you last-minute tips to get a big win! Read and bet now!

3 easy casino games to rake in hundreds of thousands of naira!

2021-04-23 News

The casino is an easy way to win and win real good. In this piece, we share with you 3 casino games that you can play to win and win real good. Check it out...

3 facts you never knew about Man United vs Leeds match

2021-04-23 News

As Manchester United visit Elland road this Sunday an old rivalry will light up the Premier League. We tell you 3 facts you never knew about the match.

5 managers that could permanently replace Mourinho?

2021-04-21 News

The special one is once again in an ordinary place. The man who once won accolades for clubs like Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, and Manchester United, has just been fired from Spurs, and he is now 'jobless'. But what about Tottenham? With the club's prospects more uncertain than ever, we predict 5 managers that could replace Jose Mourinho permanently.

How to regain old or lost customers

2021-04-20 News

If you want all your old customers to return, and you want to learn how to keep new ones, you got to read this peace.

6 Best Young Players in the World

2021-03-29 News

We beam our searchlights on some of the most promising youngsters in the round leather game.

6 keys to winning big with One Game Cut!

2021-03-24 News

The popular One Game Cut offer has had so much positive acclaim from our customers and Tribesmen. We take this opportunity to tell you all you need to know to win big from it in your next bet.

5 time-tested secrets to a 100% boost in Agent sales

2021-03-23 News

Do you want to be successful as an Agent? Yes of course! Now sit back and learn 5 secrets for long-term success as a betting Agent with betBonanza.

A tale of 2 Manchesters: Why City soared and United sank

2021-03-22 News

The English FA Cup is getting hotter. Last weekend was mixed for the teams from Manchester. While City cruised, the team from Old Trafford was kicked out of the oldest club competition in the world. This piece will put the facts in context and explain what really happened.

Okolie V Glowacki: How likely is Lawrence Okolie to win the WBO Cruiserweight Belt?

2021-03-18 News

In the WBO cruiserweight clash, wWill Lawrence Okolie claim his first world title, or can Glowacki become a 2-time champ?

How to win the 4 kinds of BonanzaBallz Jackpot & Bonuses

2021-03-18 News

Learn how you can enjoy 3 super BonanzaBallz Jackpots!

Europa Battles: Who will qualify for the next round?

2021-03-16 News

We give our expert analysis on this week's Europa League games. Get fresh insights that will inform your wagering decisions...

How does Asian handicap betting work?

2021-03-11 News

Many Kinsmen only bet on the basic 1X2, 1X, X, & 2X. But do you know that there are plenty of options to bet on? This piece will explain one of the most exciting bet option - Asian handicap betting. Enjoy it!

7 tips when hiring a cashier

2021-03-10 News

A Tribesman is in business to make money. But having the right team around you is vital to success. We give you 5 important facts to note when hiring a cashier.

6 kinds of midfielders changing the face of the game

2021-03-05 News

We explore 5 influential roles that midfielders have played that is shaping the beautiful game of football.

Grammy Awards 2021: betBonanza bookmakers predict the likely winners

2021-03-04 News

We share our predictions on the 2021 Grammy Awards. Enjoy it...

4 reasons why casino is better than sports betting

2021-03-03 News

Many Kinsmen are unaware of the many ways casino trumps sports betting. In this piece, we'll highlight 4 of them.

5 Nigerian players that could make headlines

2021-02-26 News

Check out 5 Nigerian players that could get you a big win this weekend.

Chelsea V Man United: How likely is B. Fernandes to score?

2021-02-25 News

As the Red Devils visit Stamford Bridge this weekend, we examine the chances of one of Man United's best signings in recent years. Can Bruno deliver another away magic for United?

10 reasons why you should bet today

2021-02-25 News

There are a lot of benefits from the entertainment of betting. This piece highlights just 10 of the many benefits you would enjoy if you take some time everyday to entertain yourself.

5 tips for running a successful betting shop

2021-02-23 News

As a Tribesman, you can make a lot of money every week if you follow this advice.

Is Osimhen becoming a flop at Napoli?

2021-02-19 News

Africa's most expensive player, Victor Osimhen has not lived up to expectation in recent months. So we look at the facts and share a final word.

4 reasons why PSG disgraced Barca at Camp Nou

2021-02-17 News

While all football lovers know Barca's glory days were gone since last season, no one expected the Blagrauna to fall like a pack of cards first at home to Bayern, then at home to PSG. So we ask why Barca was easily overrun by Les Parisiens last night.

3 bets you can win with Ronaldo tonight!

2021-02-09 News

With one of the best players in the world facing a familiar foe, Chuks gives you 3 bets Ronaldo can win you as Juventus play Inter Milan in the semifinal of the Coppa Italia.

The dangers of match-fixing to the sports community

2021-01-20 News

Match-fixing is becoming more prevalent in many countries and in much subtler terms. But why do people manipulate sports which are meant to be fair? Why do people try to cheat the Bookmakers? Which countries are the worst places for match-fixing? In this piece, you'll find all of these...

How to place bets on Virtual soccer

2021-01-14 News

Our virtual soccer is a great way to win and win real good. But do you know how to place and win? In this piece, we'll tell you just how to do so.

Is Fernandes a big game bottler?

2021-01-09 News

One of the most phenomenal players in the Premier League right now is Bruno Fernandes. His contribution has quickly transformed the fortunes of the Red Devils. But the recent loss to local rivals Man City has called into question his performance in big games. Before making your conclusions, check out this piece.

10 Serious Betting Challenges; How to Overcome All

2021-01-07 News

To get the best out of every dime you play with, you got to know some pitfalls when it comes to betting, and how to avoid them. Check this out.

3 ways to 'yeye' your village people this January

2021-01-04 News

After the many spendings in December, the longest month of the year January is here. But you can still smile and recover all that you have lost.

Joshua-Pulev: Why Joshua faces a Battle against Himself and 3 Other Opponents

2020-12-12 News

Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua will be facing off with Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev, in a match that could decide where the Unified Championship belts will go, and who will ultimately face Tyson Fury in the battle for the Undisputed Championship title.

But for Joshua, this fight has wider implications. Find out more.

Spurs V Arsenal : Why Arsenal could miss UCL 2021 if they Lose

2020-12-04 News

As Arsenal visit Spurs, we examine how decisive the encounter will be

Endorsement Prospects/ Opportunities for Ex-BBNaija Star, Erica

2020-12-03 News

Reality TV star, Erica Nwedilim ha sprung into the limelight following her disqualification from BBN. What brands or industries will she likely succeed? Learn more.

How to use a Free Bet to win

2020-12-01 News

A Free Bet is a great way to win real cash. But many Kinsmen do not know about this. In this piece, we'll tell you about Free Bet, how you can get them, and win from them. Enjoy it!

Spurs VS Man City - A Tale of Two Managers

2020-11-17 News

As two of the very best managers in the Premier League go head to head on Saturday, we look at their careers and tell you, just how much is at stake. Enjoy this!

6 Bizzare Facts about Nigeria VS Sierra Leone Match

2020-11-11 News

Here are 6 Bizzare Facts about the 2022 Nations Cup Qualifier between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and the Leone Stars of Sierra Leone

5 Reasons Why Liverpool is Likely to Lose Sunday's Game

2020-11-05 News

Liverpool are on top of the league, winning games, scoring goals, and seem to be in better shape for this Sunday's encounter. But no! They are very likely to lose. Here's why we think so.

Insight: Why online gaming is the future of Betting; but retail is the way to get there

2020-11-05 News

Gaming Expert Kunle Adeniji rEveals new statistics showing that online betting is the future, but to get there, retail gaming is one of the best roads.

Why Bayern Munich is likely to win the Champions League

2020-11-02 News

The Champions League has a lot of strong teams that can challenge for the title. But here's why we think Bayern have the best chance of winning the world's biggest club tournament.

What do people bet on in Nigeria? 

2020-10-27 News

Have you ever wondered what people bet on in Nigeria? Check out this piece to get a sneak peek into the betting patterns of Nigerians.

How Ifeanyi from Enugu won ₦450,000 on a 'lost' ticket

2020-10-26 News

Learn the exciting story of how our Acca Insurance saved a Kinsman from losing ₦100k and landed him ₦450k instead.

5 Things Thomas Partey will do at Arsenal

2020-10-06 News

New Gunners signing Thomas Teye Partey is the talk of Town! We x-ray the kind of quality he brings to Arteta's side and what kind of impact he will have.

Off their mics! 6 odds to silent all Naija bookies this weekend!

2020-10-01 News

Mouthmagic Chuks Otuya shares his hot 6 odds for the weekend of 3rd and 4th October 2020. Check it out and play to win...

betBonanza Brand Ambassador becomes Special Assistant to the Presidency

2020-08-21 News

Our Brand Ambassador, Daniel Amokachi, the Bull, has been appointed as Special Assistant to the President on Sports. Learn more about why the appointment is important.

How an Edo Homeland is making Millionaires

2020-08-05 News

Our shop in Edo state is now the talk of the town. Big winnings are on the increase and our Kinsmen have never had it so good. Get to know what the Tribesmen have been doing.

Revealed! What you need to start a sports betting shop

2020-06-26 News

Learn the A-B-C of sports betting form one of the Masters in Nigeria. How to start, where to start from, and how to grow the business.

Green Tips: How to bet & win Champions League quarter-finals

2020-06-24 News

The UEFA Champions League is back! The favourites are Bayern, Man City and PSG. But Chuks has got some secrets to share.

Green Corner: how to green up your EPL betslip this weekend!

2020-06-17 News

The greatest league in the world is back! Get to know the A-B-C of restart EPL betting, Tipster Chuks. Get set to scoop a big win on the restart this weekend.

How I won 2.6 Million Naira on betBonanza Virtuals - Shola, Ilorin

2020-05-05 News

Oluwashola Adeyeba from Ilorin tells the story of how he became an overnight millionaire with betBonanza Virtuals

How to win big with Virtual sports betting strategies

2020-05-05 News

Interested in virtual sports betting? Check out the various strategies that you can make use of and win.

betBonanza Launches BonanzaBallz: a new numbers and colours games

2020-04-19 News

BonanzaBallz is more than a game; it's game! Read and know why!

How to Place bets on BonanzaBallz

2020-04-15 News

BonanzaBallz is one of the most exciting and money-spinning games you can find in Nigeria. Now, learn step-by-step, how to bet and win with it.

How to plot a big win with betting systems in 2020

2020-04-06 News

No doubt everyone wants to have a football betting systems work this year 2020? Check out our notable tips that you can imbibe and make your football betting work.

COVID-19: How sports lovers can make money without sports betting

2020-03-16 News

You can still win every day in spite of the global coronavirus pandemic, you can still shine as a winner.

Beginner's guide to online casino games

2020-03-02 News

Don't be unprepared. Here is must read before you play your first online casino game.

A Beginner’s guide to virtual gaming

2020-02-20 News

You've probably heard a lot about virtual gaming. Here's everything you need to know to get started.

Five things you should know about virtual gaming

2020-02-18 News

Thinking of playing virtual gaming but don’t know how to get started? Here's a full guide to virtual gaming.

Top three online casino games in Nigeria

2020-02-18 News

Looking to make some cash in the casino? Here are some of the easiest ways to do it.

Which is easier: online casino games or sports betting?

2020-02-18 News

Have you ever wondered whether casino games are easier than online betting? Here's a detailed analysis.

Five things you need to know before playing an online casino

2020-02-18 News

Do you know that there are a lot of things most betting companies don't want you to know about Casino? Here are 5 of them.

5 reasons bettors are playing casino games more frequently

2020-02-18 News

Are you considering casino games? Here are some of the main reasons casino games are being played more frequently than ever before.

7 betting secrets for Nigerian lovers this Valentine

2020-02-10 News

Valentine Day 2020 is here, and lovers are on the move. See the latest betting secrets that all Nigerian lovers need to know of

betBonanza congratulates Amokachi on appointment as the Football Ambassador of Nigeria

2020-02-05 News

The President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, has appointed our Brand Ambassador, Daniel Amokachi, aka The Bull, as the Football Ambassador of Nigeria. We congratulate him.

How betBonanza is becoming the best-loved gaming company in Africa

2020-01-30 News

We are turning the business of gaming on its head. The future of betting is in your hands. Learn about the betBonanza Tribe.

5 ways betBonanza is changing the face of betting in Nigeria

2020-01-29 News

Let's take you to the future of betting. Learn 5 Ways that we are transforming the betting experience in Nigeria.

Keys to Correct Score Prediction

2020-01-15 News

Ever fancy correct score odds? Here are the steps to take if you want to win big with correct score betting

5 hacks sports bettors use to get better at sports betting

2020-01-09 News

Want to get better at sports betting? Here are 5 hacks that you can use.

Top 3 most profitable sports to bet on in Nigeria

2020-01-09 News

Want to get better at sports betting? Here are 5 hacks that you can use.

8 winning tips for placing tennis bets

2020-01-05 News

In this post, we’ll look at some tips that’ll help you place the right bets on your next tennis match.

3 new types of bets you should place in 2020

2020-01-03 News

Searching for the best types of bet to play? In this post, we’ll be looking at 3 new betting areas you should explore in 2020.

How to make ₦1.2 million from online betting with just ₦1,000

2020-01-03 News

When done rightly, betting can be extremely profitable. In this post, find out how you can make ₦1,200,000 with a ₦1,000 stake.

Five things you should know about sports betting

2019-12-19 News

Before you can really 'own' sports betting, you have to know several things about it.

Basketball betting - everything you should know

2019-12-13 News

In this post, we'll be explaining the basics of basketball betting. You'll learn everything and more that you need to know about basketball betting

Full guide to placing handicap bets on any sports

2019-12-13 News

Before you move on to placing handicap bets, you must first understand handicap bets and what they mean. This article explains everything on handicap bets.

Enjoy Christmas with betBonanza

2019-12-13 News

What is Christmas like at betBonanza? How do we roll at Christmas? Let's tell you how we're enjoying the holiday season.

How to understand betting odds

2019-12-13 News

If you are going to be a successful bettor, you definitely need to know how betting odds work. Here is a detailed explanation of odds and how they work.

5 things a bettor should never do

2019-12-12 News

If you are not making big wins in betting, you are definitely doing something wrong. Here are 5 things a bettor should never ever do

How to book a sports bet

2019-12-06 News

Follow these steps to bet easily

How to win Boosted Odds 20.0 by betBonanza

2019-11-27 News

Wow! See 20.0 Odds on cool games with sure winnings!

How to get ₦100k sign up bonus in Nigeria!

2019-11-20 News

Learn how to get ₦100k Sign Up Bonus in Nigeria!

How we protect Minors

2019-11-20 News

Protecting Minors

How do I know if I have a gambling problem?

2019-11-20 News

Do you know you can always bet responsibly? Learn how today.

Week 44 2019 - The Bull's Betting Tips

2019-11-18 News

Check out betting tips for the weekend

Digifypro by Facebook meets betBonanza

2019-11-13 News

Check how betBonanza is becoming the best betting platform in Nigeria

Why you should become a betBonanza Agent today

2019-11-12 News

Do you know that becoming a betBonanza agent is very easy? As a bonus, there are benefits of being an agent for betBonanza; the best bookmaker in Nigeria

5 mistakes most online sports bettors make

2019-11-05 News

Do you know there are mistakes that almost all bettors make? Read on to find out five of the most common mistakes online bettors make and the effects

Week 44 2019 - The Bull's Betting Tips

2019-11-02 News

Bet with insight from The Bull this weekend

8 things you need to know before you decide to bet online

2019-10-31 News

Have you decided to place your next bet? WAIT. There are some important things you must know before placing your first bet; read them all here.

7 advantages of betting regularly

2019-10-30 News

Do you know that betting regularly has its advantages? Here are seven advantages you enjoy when you bet frequently on sports.

A full guide on how to register and bet online

2019-10-30 News

Have you decided to place your first bet? What you need is a detailed guide on each step to take in placing your first bet; from registering to cashing out.

Bonanza trophy tour heads south

2019-10-29 News

We are taking Nigeria by Storm. Let's tell you how we go

How Frank O. Chinedu won big with betBonanza Yakata bonus

2019-10-22 News

How did he win almost 700k with ₦500?

How to win huge with small stakes

2019-10-21 News

Know the trade secrets of Bonanza winners

Week 41 2019 - The Bull's Betting Tips

2019-10-17 News

The Bull give us his picks for the weekend

A comprehensive guide to online sports betting

2019-10-17 News

Check out a step-by-step guide to how online sports betting works

betBonanza celebrates new season millionaire

2019-10-14 News

Meet the New Season Millionaire

Beginners guide to sports betting: the Dos and Don’ts of online sports betting

2019-10-09 News

If you're new to sports betting in Nigeria, we tell you the secrets to being successful at it

6 traits that successful sports bettors share

2019-10-04 News

We present you the top 6 betting behaviour of successful sports bettors

7 reasons why you should be betting with betBonanza

2019-10-03 News

Check out mind-blowing facts, why betBonanza is better than the rest

7 Sports betting tips for winning big

2019-10-03 News

If you follow these 7 tips, you will definitely be on your way to winning big this year

What to do before you select a Bookmaker in Nigeria

2019-10-02 News

Learn how to spot the right Bookie for your next big win

New season millionaire set to be unveiled

2019-10-02 News

All is now set, and we will soon find out the New Season Millionaire

Interesting football bets you can place in Nigeria

2019-09-27 News

Check out the most interesting football bets you can place in Nigeria now!

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