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What do people bet on in Nigeria? 

2020-10-27 News

Have you ever wondered what people bet on in Nigeria? Check out this piece to get a sneak peek into the betting patterns of Nigerians.

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How Ifeanyi from Enugu won ₦450,000 on a 'lost' ticket

2020-10-26 News

Learn the exciting story of how our Acca Insurance saved a Kinsman from losing ₦100k and landed him ₦450k instead.

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5 Things Thomas Partey will do at Arsenal

2020-10-06 News

New Gunners signing Thomas Teye Partey is the talk of Town! We x-ray the kind of quality he brings to Arteta's side and what kind of impact he will have.

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Off their mics! 6 odds to silent all Naija bookies this weekend!

2020-10-01 News

Mouthmagic Chuks Otuya shares his hot 6 odds for the weekend of 3rd and 4th October 2020. Check it out and play to win...

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betBonanza Brand Ambassador becomes Special Assistant to the Presidency

2020-08-21 News

Our Brand Ambassador, Daniel Amokachi, the Bull, has been appointed as Special Assistant to the President on Sports. Learn more about why the appointment is important.

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How an Edo Homeland is making Millionaires

2020-08-05 News

Our shop in Edo state is now the talk of the town. Big winnings are on the increase and our Kinsmen have never had it so good. Get to know what the Tribesmen have been doing.

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Revealed! What you need to start a sports betting shop

2020-06-26 News

Learn the A-B-C of sports betting form one of the Masters in Nigeria. How to start, where to start from, and how to grow the business.

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Green Tips: How to bet & win Champions League quarter-finals

2020-06-24 News

The UEFA Champions League is back! The favourites are Bayern, Man City and PSG. But Chuks has got some secrets to share.

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Green Corner: how to green up your EPL betslip this weekend!

2020-06-17 News

The greatest league in the world is back! Get to know the A-B-C of restart EPL betting, Tipster Chuks. Get set to scoop a big win on the restart this weekend.

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How I won 2.6 Million Naira on betBonanza Virtuals - Shola, Ilorin

2020-05-05 News

Oluwashola Adeyeba from Ilorin tells the story of how he became an overnight millionaire with betBonanza Virtuals

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How to win big with Virtual sports betting strategies

2020-05-05 News

Interested in virtual sports betting? Check out the various strategies that you can make use of and win.

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betBonanza Launches BonanzaBallz: a new numbers and colours games

2020-04-19 News

BonanzaBallz is more than a game; it's game! Read and know why!

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How to Place bets on BonanzaBallz

2020-04-15 News

BonanzaBallz is one of the most exciting and money-spinning games you can find in Nigeria. Now, learn step-by-step, how to bet and win with it.

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How to plot a big win with betting systems in 2020

2020-04-06 News

No doubt everyone wants to have a football betting systems work this year 2020? Check out our notable tips that you can imbibe and make your football betting work.

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COVID-19: How sports lovers can make money without sports betting

2020-03-16 News

You can still win every day in spite of the global coronavirus pandemic, you can still shine as a winner.

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Beginner's guide to online casino games

2020-03-02 News

Don't be unprepared. Here is must read before you play your first online casino game.

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A Beginner’s guide to virtual gaming

2020-02-20 News

You've probably heard a lot about virtual gaming. Here's everything you need to know to get started.

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7 betting secrets for Nigerian lovers this Valentine

2020-02-10 News

Valentine Day 2020 is here, and lovers are on the move. See the latest betting secrets that all Nigerian lovers need to know of

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5 reasons bettors are playing casino games more frequently

2020-02-18 News

Are you considering casino games? Here are some of the main reasons casino games are being played more frequently than ever before.

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Five things you need to know before playing an online casino

2020-02-18 News

Do you know that there are a lot of things most betting companies don't want you to know about Casino? Here are 5 of them.

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betBonanza congratulates Amokachi on appointment as the Football Ambassador of Nigeria

2020-02-05 News

The President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, has appointed our Brand Ambassador, Daniel Amokachi, aka The Bull, as the Football Ambassador of Nigeria. We congratulate him.

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5 ways betBonanza is changing the face of betting in Nigeria

2020-01-29 News

Let's take you to the future of betting. Learn 5 Ways that we are transforming the betting experience in Nigeria.

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How betBonanza is becoming the best-loved gaming company in Africa

2020-01-30 News

We are turning the business of gaming on its head. The future of betting is in your hands. Learn about the betBonanza Tribe.

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3 new types of bets you should place in 2020

2020-01-03 News

Searching for the best types of bet to play? In this post, we’ll be looking at 3 new betting areas you should explore in 2020.

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Top 3 most profitable sports to bet on in Nigeria

2020-01-09 News

Want to get better at sports betting? Here are 5 hacks that you can use.

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5 hacks sports bettors use to get better at sports betting

2020-01-09 News

Want to get better at sports betting? Here are 5 hacks that you can use.

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8 winning tips for placing tennis bets

2020-01-05 News

In this post, we’ll look at some tips that’ll help you place the right bets on your next tennis match.

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How to make ₦1.2 million from online betting with just ₦1,000

2020-01-03 News

When done rightly, betting can be extremely profitable. In this post, find out how you can make ₦1,200,000 with a ₦1,000 stake.

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Keys to Correct Score Prediction

2020-01-15 News

Ever fancy correct score odds? Here are the steps to take if you want to win big with correct score betting

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Which is easier: online casino games or sports betting?

2020-02-18 News

Have you ever wondered whether casino games are easier than online betting? Here's a detailed analysis.

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Top three online casino games in Nigeria

2020-02-18 News

Looking to make some cash in the casino? Here are some of the easiest ways to do it.

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Five things you should know about virtual gaming

2020-02-18 News

Thinking of playing virtual gaming but don’t know how to get started? Here's a full guide to virtual gaming.

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5 things a bettor should never do

2019-12-12 News

If you are not making big wins in betting, you are definitely doing something wrong. Here are 5 things a bettor should never ever do

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How to understand betting odds

2019-12-13 News

If you are going to be a successful bettor, you definitely need to know how betting odds work. Here is a detailed explanation of odds and how they work.

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How Frank O. Chinedu won big with betBonanza Yakata bonus

2019-10-22 News

How did he win almost 700k with ₦500?

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Week 44 2019 - The Bull's Betting Tips

2019-11-02 News

Bet with insight from The Bull this weekend

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Why you should become a betBonanza Agent today

2019-11-12 News

Do you know that becoming a betBonanza agent is very easy? As a bonus, there are benefits of being an agent for betBonanza; the best bookmaker in Nigeria

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Digifypro by Facebook meets betBonanza

2019-11-13 News

Check how betBonanza is becoming the best betting platform in Nigeria

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How do I know if I have a gambling problem?

2019-11-20 News

Do you know you can always bet responsibly? Learn how today.

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How to win Boosted Odds 20.0 by betBonanza

2019-11-27 News

Wow! See 20.0 Odds on cool games with sure winnings!

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How to book a sports bet

2019-12-06 News

Follow these steps to bet easily

Thumb 700 320 christmas calendar  social cropped

Enjoy Christmas with betBonanza

2019-12-13 News

What is Christmas like at betBonanza? How do we roll at Christmas? Let's tell you how we're enjoying the holiday season.

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Basketball betting - everything you should know

2019-12-13 News

In this post, we'll be explaining the basics of basketball betting. You'll learn everything and more that you need to know about basketball betting

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Five things you should know about sports betting

2019-12-19 News

Before you can really 'own' sports betting, you have to know several things about it.

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Interesting football bets you can place in Nigeria

2019-09-27 News

Check out the most interesting football bets you can place in Nigeria now!

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New season millionaire set to be unveiled

2019-10-02 News

All is now set, and we will soon find out the New Season Millionaire

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What to do before you select a Bookmaker in Nigeria

2019-10-02 News

Learn how to spot the right Bookie for your next big win

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7 Sports betting tips for winning big

2019-10-03 News

If you follow these 7 tips, you will definitely be on your way to winning big this year

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7 reasons why you should be betting with betBonanza

2019-10-03 News

Check out mind-blowing facts, why betBonanza is better than the rest

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6 traits that successful sports bettors share

2019-10-04 News

We present you the top 6 betting behaviour of successful sports bettors

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Beginners guide to sports betting: the Dos and Don’ts of online sports betting

2019-10-09 News

If you're new to sports betting in Nigeria, we tell you the secrets to being successful at it

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betBonanza celebrates new season millionaire

2019-10-14 News

Meet the New Season Millionaire

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A comprehensive guide to online sports betting

2019-10-17 News

Check out a step-by-step guide to how online sports betting works

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Week 41 2019 - The Bull's Betting Tips

2019-10-17 News

The Bull give us his picks for the weekend

Thumb 700 320 yellow background

How to win huge with small stakes

2019-10-21 News

Know the trade secrets of Bonanza winners

Thumb 700 320 betbonanza 69509475 162605791582594 4458455634484988566 n

Bonanza trophy tour heads south

2019-10-29 News

We are taking Nigeria by Storm. Let's tell you how we go

Thumb 700 320 img 20190830 161541

A full guide on how to register and bet online

2019-10-30 News

Have you decided to place your first bet? What you need is a detailed guide on each step to take in placing your first bet; from registering to cashing out.

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7 advantages of betting regularly

2019-10-30 News

Do you know that betting regularly has its advantages? Here are seven advantages you enjoy when you bet frequently on sports.

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8 things you need to know before you decide to bet online

2019-10-31 News

Have you decided to place your next bet? WAIT. There are some important things you must know before placing your first bet; read them all here.

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5 mistakes most online sports bettors make

2019-11-05 News

Do you know there are mistakes that almost all bettors make? Read on to find out five of the most common mistakes online bettors make and the effects

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Week 44 2019 - The Bull's Betting Tips

2019-11-18 News

Check out betting tips for the weekend

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How we protect Minors

2019-11-20 News

Protecting Minors

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How to get ₦100k sign up bonus in Nigeria!

2019-11-20 News

Learn how to get ₦100k Sign Up Bonus in Nigeria!

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Full guide to placing handicap bets on any sports

2019-12-13 News

Before you move on to placing handicap bets, you must first understand handicap bets and what they mean. This article explains everything on handicap bets.

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