6 Bizzare Facts about Nigeria VS Sierra Leone Match

2020-11-11 News

The ancient city of Benin would have come alive with activity as the Super Eagles of Nigeria lock horns with the Leone Stars of Sierra Leone. Football fans trooping in the stadium, and wild scenes when a goal is scored, and more. But those will not happen. Instead, there have been several happenings that have made the whole fixture pretty bizarre for the average Nigerian sports lover. 

Nigerian Bookmaker, betBonanza brings you 6 bizarre facts about the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying match between Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

1. The Super Eagles will not have home support 

The players abroad may be used to it, but it is quite unusual that the national team will be playing in Nigeria, and will not have any fans or supporters in the stadium. The Sierra Leonians will absolutely love it, as it will feel like playing at home. Naija fans will be hoping that this will not affect the team which struggled to get results against Algeria and Morroco last month.

2. The game will be played at an untested ground -  Sam Ogbemudi Stadium

The match will be played at the just-renovated Sam Ogbemudia stadium. As is common in Nigeria, the pitch could likely be a problem. One would have wondered why other national games were not played there before a crucial Nations Cup Qualifier match. Not to talk of the readiness of the facility in terms of COVID-19 prevention mechanisms. We just have to watch and see how it goes.

3. Nigeria is very likely to win
Maybe it would have been better if the 3 points were already awarded to Nigeria. The game is more like a walkover for Gernot Rohr’s side. The Super Eagles currently lead Group L with 6 points after thoroughly beating the Republic of Benin and Lesotho in their opening games. The Leone Stars are very unlikely to beat the Super Eagles in Nigeria. Little wonder why betBonanza is offering just 1.19 odds for Nigeria to win.

4. CAF and NFF have banned journalists from entering the stadium
The Confederation of African Football, CAF, and the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) have both banned journalists from attending the game. Only photographers of participating teams will be allowed in. This means we may not have the best coverage in terms of pre-match and post-match news to consume. We would just settle for the live broadcast and the final result.

5. Ahmed Musa’s Mum is from Benin, but his family won’t be able to watch him play
Super Eagles striker, Ahmed Musa’s mum is from Benin City. His extended family is presently living there. But the COVID-19 situation means that they can’t watch him play. Sad one. "Playing in Benin is great. It’s the hometown of my mum. I would have loved to see my family members come around and watch this game, but there is nothing we can do about it. We can do, we have to play the game without the fans... We will do our best to qualify and make the fans happy”; Ahmed Musa said to the media.

6. betBonanza has the highest odds for the match in Nigeria!

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There have been so many unforeseen happenings. But this game is likely to still be entertaining for millions of loyal superb eagles fans out there. It will also be an opportunity for the Super Eagles which have had difficulty scoring 3, 4, or 5 goals in a game to show their strength against a weak team. Enjoy the game and make sure you win from it.

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