7 Sports betting tips for winning big

2019-10-03 News

Do you know that online sports betting in Nigeria has really changed?

The old ways are no longer working as they used to, and a lot of people are losing their hard-earned money every day. So as a punter, you need to also know the new hidden tips and tricks of some of the new sports betting websites in Nigeria, so that you can smile while others are counting their losses.

Let’s get down to it.

1. Register and credit your account

While this may sound very basic and simple, it is the very first step to winning. A lot of punters open accounts and they do not deposit, and by that, they miss out on bonuses and very juicy odds when they drop. The fact is opportunities to win are always in the sportsbook waiting for the bettor who has betting credit to simply take advantage of them. So register and credit your account.

If you want to credit your betBonanza account for instance, simply log in, and click on the human icon on the top right-hand side of your screen on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. From there click on the deposit option to see the different ways you can deposit, like WebPay, Quickteller, USSD, ATM, etc. betBonanza has a very seamless and user-friendly way to deposit. You would love it.

2. Watch as much sports as you can

Knowledge of sports is key in sports betting. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing sides or players in order to be able to make big winnings. Having an insight into the competition, the rules, the starting line-up, the injury update, the history of the fixture, etc; can be the difference between winning and losing. For example, Manchester United during Sir Alex Ferguson was sure to score at least a goal if they are one goal down at home with at least 20 minutes to play. They did it consistently so, that give rise to the “Fergie Time” fame; where referees were thought of as giving away up to 5 minutes of stoppage time whenever Man United needed a goal to secure a draw or a win. Also, one of the reasons Manchester City was able to win the English Premier League back to back was because they were able to get the needed results towards the end of the season, since they were already out of the Champions League, and did not have to rest players. Other title contenders were chasing the Champions League, had to rest players because they felt the Champions League was more important, they did not field their best team and therefore dropped points against opponents. So you see, knowledge is key in Premiership betting in Nigeria.

3. Bet with your head not with your heart

You might like to see the table toppers beaten by a small team, but don’t be tempted by the huge odds if the statistics don’t back up the bet. This is more common in virtual sports betting, where punters tend to allow their passions and loyalty to influence their decisions. Sometimes you need to pause, if you have an inner feeling that it may not be your day. Also, you don’t need to chase after losing bets emotionally, trying to win your money back instantly. At other times, you may need to bet on a daily basis, if you can see that the facts are points towards a run of winnings. Again, you must stick to facts, not fiction.

4. Take advantage of the statistics

Online sports betting is now so popular that you can get highly-detailed statistics (stats) for every game, tournament and event. The statistics can enable you to spot winning opportunities, great odds, and even the best time to latch on to a game on in-play betting. betBonanza sports book has numerous stats to help you make the best bet, including head-to-head records, home/away records, current form, goal stats, corner stats, booking stats, etc. You can find all the details and insights you need to know before betting a game. The Head-to-Head record can sometimes be very consistent. In sports betting, history often repeats itself, and upsets are not very frequent. If you want to bet on an English Premier League match, betBonanza has all the insights you would need to make an informed bet, based on available stats.

5. Watch out for promotions

Many Bookies have at least one promo running at a given time. Promos are a good way to increase your winnings. Just as the Bookies want you to place a bet, you should also be making the most of every promo. One way to do this is to always read through and understand the terms and conditions of every promotion. It could be a Free Bet, a Bonus, a Cashout, or a Money-Back; the important thing is to know how it works and how to take advantage of it. betBonanza always has a juicy promotion running at every point in time, so you may want to latch on to it.

6. Learn to manage your betting balance

This is sometimes overlooked by many punters. But it is very important. After loading your account with betting credit, it is important that you have a game plan to maximize your hard-earned money. You may want to bet only on certain leagues and games on certain days, you may want to bet a specific amount every week. The important thing is keeping tabs of your betting balance and follow a betting plan that ensures that you bet on the best games and make the best wins. Doing this will also help you to avoid overstretching your betting budget. One practical advice we would like to give is for you to create a betting bank account. This will help you to set aside money for betting easily, and also withdraw easily. It will also help you to stake responsibly, as you would now have to plan ahead and manage the Risks vs Wins. We would talk more about this in a future article. But let’s move on to the last, but not the least.

7. Target long term winning

You remember the popular saying: “He who laughs last, laughs best”? It applies to sports betting. Overall long-term winning is the rule of the game. Don’t be carried away by quick gains, while you lose in the long term. Experienced punters know that losing one day, one week, or even one month, can be easily covered for by one winning on a good day. So don’t let the short term losses weigh you down, or the short term winning get into your head. Learn to manage your betting balance, know the insights, don’t mind the temporary losses, and one day you will definitely hit a bonanza!

So you have them at your fingertips, now go ahead and start betting, and start chopping the Bookies.

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