Disclaimer: Fraudulent activities in agent’s shops

2022-02-08 News

This is to inform our esteemed punters that when placing bets in any of our Agent’s shops, we will never promise you returns on investments, sure bets or collect funds from you with the expectation of doubling your investments. betBonanza will not be held liable for any loss of funds as a result of such activities.

Please refer to our promotions page https://betbonanza.com/promotions for all our current promotions.

When placing bets at any betBonanza betting shop, please take note of the following:

  • Always make sure you get an authentic betBonanza bet ticket.
  • If the ticket looks different, it will not be a valid proof of bet made at betBonanza and it will not be possible to collect winnings with it.
  • Ensure that the cashier always gives you a ticket for your bet.

Please see below examples of authentic betBonanza bet tickets:





Also see below an example of a fake ticket: