Full guide to placing handicap bets on any sports

2019-12-13 News

Handicap bets are popular and are used in various sports. They apply to a wide range and can be very beneficial to the punter. You'll definitely enjoy placing handicap bets. In this article, we will discuss handicap betting thoroughly. If you've ever had any questions about this type of betting, then you must read to the end.

What is handicap betting?

Take a trip back to when you were young. Do you remember racing with your friends, telling him that you would let them run for about ten seconds before you started running and that you would still win the race? Well, this is a perfect example of a handicap bet. Handicaps simply mean giving the team you feel is weaker goals ahead. If you feel a team will definitely lose, you can give them a handicap. For example, if you give a team a 2-point handicap, it means that you're betting that even after the match, the other team [not the one you gave a handicap] will still lead by more than 2 points. In other words, if you give “team A" a handicap of 2 points, you are predicting that team B will win by at least 3 points. When we speak about handicap betting, it is about giving a particular team or opponent points ahead. For example, if Barcelona FC and Leganes FC are facing each other in a match, you can decide to give Barcelona FC a handicap of 2 goals. This means that according to your bet, the match between Barcelona FC and Leganes FC has already started at 0:2. If the match ends 1 – 0 in favour of Barcelona, then your actual result would be 1:2. The match would end with Leganes FC as the winner. That is how handicap bets work in football. Let us take another example in the basketball setting. Imagine if the Golden State Warriors play against the Philadelphia 76ers. One could rightly assume that the Golden State Warriors would win by 5 points and decide to give them a 5-point handicap. This means that according to your bet, the match between The Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia 76ers has already started at 0:5. If the Golden State Warriors score 10 points and the Philadelphia 76ers score 2 points, the actual result would be 10:7. The match would then end in favour of the Golden State Warriors and you would win the bet. You get it the idea right? Great.

When to use handicap betting

Handicap betting is used when one team has a glaring upper hand over the other. If you check the league table and the team at the top is due to face the one at the bottom, there is no doubt that the top team will win. The odds may be so low that it wouldn't be worth it to stake even a ₦100,000. Before you can make a sizeable profit of such a small odd, you will need to stake hundreds of thousand which of course, many people do not have. In such a stance, the best thing to do is to make use of handicap bets. Handicap bets are one of the best ways to still have sensible odds when betting on a game between a great club and a lesser one. As a bonus, you can bet on both 1x2 and handicap for the same match.

The do's and don'ts of handicap betting

Handicap betting like other types of betting is guided by rules. In order to be able to make a good profit off this type of bet, you should fully grasp the general idea. Now, going forward, what you must do is identify the dos and don'ts of handicap betting. Doing this will give you a higher chance of being successful.

● Do not misuse it: As we explained before, this type of betting is best used when one team is much better than the other. If you have two teams that are almost evenly matched, handicap betting will not serve you as well.

● Do carry out research: Often at times, we stumble upon the best scenario for a handicap game. It is easy from there. We simply need to stake. But sometimes you will have to search for it. Here is a simple strategy to use. Select a team that has been on fire since the beginning of the season. Their players must all be in great condition. When you have this team, look for when it is facing a very poor team. This can simply be done by waiting for the teams at the very top of the table to face the ones at the bottom.

● Do not just stick to handicap betting- There are various other types of betting. The betting type should not dictate the match. The match should dictate the betting type. If handicap betting works out for you fine the first time, do not stick to just it. There are other types of bets such as 1 x 2 bets which involve predicting who will win or lose. There are also Double chance bets, under/Over goals/points, and even Goal Goal/No Goal. To be a great bettor, you must have broadened your horizons and scopes.

● Do Practice - Practice makes perfect. This has been proven time over time and betting is not left out. When placing handicap bets, it is good to practice over and over again. When you do this, you get better as you gain experience firsthand. You may lose a little money at first, but if you follow these tips, your wins will be far greater than your losses.


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