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Sports remains the ultimate storyteller. Tales of exculpation, weaving stories of comebacks, anecdotes of revenge, euphoric displays of love, heartwarming heroics, and heart-wrenching tales of villains. Within the realm of sports lie some of the most extraordinary and compelling stories ever told.

There's nothing better in sports than a team or an individual defying the odds and completing a famous comeback. The more difficult the circumstance they overturn, the better, and enthralling the story becomes. These tales of triumph even become juicier when the athlete or team involved have had to overcome adversaries on their path to glory.

In this piece, we delve into five of the most exceptional comebacks ever witnessed in the world of sports.

Liverpool 3-3 Milan – 2005 (Football)
Few football games can match the gravitas of the Champions League final, and the 2005 edition stands out as one of the most memorable since the competition reform in 1992.
Milan enjoyed a dream start in the final in Istanbul, as Paolo Maldini netted a goal within a minute, putting them 1-0 ahead. Before half-time, Hernan Crespo's quickfire brace extended the Rossoneri's lead, leaving them with a comfortable three-goal advantage at the break.
As the teams retreated to their dressing room, players of Liverpool were seen visibly dejected and succumbed to their despondence.
However, with the motivation of manager Rafa Benitez and the leadership of captain Steven Gerrard, they regrouped and returned with renewed vigour. In an astonishing display of resilience, Liverpool scored three goals in six minutes during the second half, levelling the scores and forcing the game into extra time.
Ultimately, Liverpool emerged victorious in the final through a penalty shootout, achieving what is now famously known as the 'Miracle of Istanbul'. This epic comeback etched itself in football folklore as one of the most remarkable moments ever witnessed on the biggest stage of the UEFA Champions League.

Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer — 2019 (Tennis)
Wimbledon never fails to treat fans to the classiest of games and the 2019 final was no exception. 
An epic clash between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer was filled with drama and utmost brilliance.
Both players started the match strongly, and the first set became a nail-biting affair, reaching a tiebreak. Djokovic displaying his resilience clinched the set 7-6.
However, in the second set, Djokovic seemed to lose his momentum, allowing Federer to dominate and secure a convincing 6-1 win.
Djokovic made a comeback in the following set, which turned into another intense tiebreak that he convincingly won.  In the fourth set, the Swiss maestro used his wealth of experience to break Djokovic's serve twice.
Despite Djokovic managing to break back, he couldn't completely turn the tide, and Federer took the set 6-4, setting the stage for an exhilarating fifth and final set.
The fifth set was an emotional rollercoaster, with Djokovic facing the daunting task of being two championship points down to the eight-time Wimbledon champion. However, the relentless nature of the Serb came to light as at 8-7, 40/15, with Federer serving for the title, Djokovic mounted a remarkable fightback.
Saving two championship points, he never looked back. Ultimately, Djokovic triumphed in the deciding tiebreaker, winning 7-3, and lifted his fifth Wimbledon title, marking his 16th Major Grandslam victory.

New Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons — 2021 (NFL)
One of the most remarkable comebacks in the annals of sports occurred when the New England Patriots faced off against the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl. The Patriots had an impressive 14-2 record in the regular season, while the Falcons, led by the league's Most Valuable Player, Matt Ryan, had a respectable 11-5 record. Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick were no strangers to the Super Bowl, having reached this grand stage together for the seventh time.
The game's early moments had both teams held at bay in the first quarter. However, the Falcons exploded in the second quarter, scoring three touchdowns, while the Patriots managed only a single field goal. The halftime show featuring Lady Gaga arrived with the Falcons enjoying a commanding 21-3 lead.
As the third quarter unfolded, the Falcons added another touchdown to their tally, extending their lead to a seemingly insurmountable 28-3 advantage. Yet, this is where the legendary Tom Brady rose to the occasion. Displaying his trademark resilience and skill, Brady led the Patriots to stage an extraordinary comeback. They scored an astonishing 25 unanswered points, levelling the game just moments before the end of regulation, making it the first Super Bowl in history to head into overtime.
In the overtime period, Patriots took possession of the ball. With unwavering determination, they embarked on their first drive, ultimately scoring a touchdown to secure a stunning 34-28 victory. The Patriots clinched the championship in dramatic fashion.
This triumph marked the fifth Super Bowl victory for the formidable duo of Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick. Brady, in his usual exemplary form, earned the Super Bowl MVP title by completing an impressive 43 of 62 passes for 466 yards, adding two touchdowns and contributing 15 rushing yards. Above all, the Patriots' triumph defied all odds, solidifying their place in history with one of the greatest comebacks ever witnessed in sports.

Tiger Woods — Augusta 2019 (Golf)
Tiger Woods may hold the title for the most remarkable individual comeback in sports history. His journey of resurgence is an epic tale, marked by enduring adversity throughout his career that captivates anyone who hears it.
From the late 90s to the early 2010s, Woods dominated the golf world, emerging as a top amateur player from Stanford University and amassing an impressive collection of accolades and major victories. Tiger Woods became synonymous with golf itself, a name that instantly came to mind when thinking about the sport.
However, his path was not without tumultuous trials. He faced a public scandal involving an affair that led to divorce, multiple infidelities, a driving while intoxicated (DWI) arrest, numerous car crashes, and a series of debilitating injuries. In a short span of time, he plummeted from being the world's number-one golfer to a man uncertain about his future on the golf course.
Yet, through unwavering determination and perseverance, Tiger began to see light at the end of the tunnel. In 2019, after an 11-year drought, he achieved a triumphant victory by winning the Masters, a major tournament. This victory signified much more than a mere sports achievement; it symbolized an unyielding spirit that had conquered all obstacles. Tiger Woods' journey out of the shadows of adversity was a testament to the indomitable human spirit. 

Cleveland Cavalier vs Golden State Warriors — 2016 (NBA)
In the NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers found themselves trailing 3-1 to the formidable Golden State Warriors after four games. However, fuelled by an exceptional Game 5 performance from LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, they gained the momentum they needed for the final two crucial games.
In Game 6, LeBron James demonstrated his brilliance, leading all scorers with an impressive 41 points. Alongside that, he contributed 11 assists and grabbed eight rebounds, propelling the Cavaliers to a convincing 115-101 victory. Cleveland took control early, establishing a commanding 31-11 lead after just the first quarter.
Then came the fiercely contested Game 7, which took place on the Warriors' home court. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving delivered masterful performances that will be remembered for years to come. LeBron showcased his defensive prowess with a spectacular chase-down block on Andre Iguodala's layup attempt. Meanwhile, Kyrie Irving displayed his clutch gene by hitting a stepback three-pointer over Stephen Curry, securing the game in the final minute of the fourth quarter.
LeBron recorded a triple-double with 27 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists, along with two steals and three blocks, all in a remarkable 47 minutes of play. Kyrie Irving, on the other hand, contributed 26 points and six rebounds in 43 minutes of his own.
In the end, the Cavaliers emerged triumphant with a narrow 93-89 victory, clinching the franchise's first-ever NBA title. LeBron James fulfilled his promise to deliver a championship to his hometown team, solidifying his place as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. 

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