How the Odds favour Laycon (Expert prediction by betBonanza)

2020-09-26 News

Nigeria’s innovative bookmakers betBonanza have provided odds and statistics predicting the winner of the national reality TV show, whose grand finale is this Sunday 27th September 2020. The voting may have ended, but the online and offline campaign has not.

It’s been a pretty tight contest so far with some housemates hurting their chances, others by stroke of luck being saved from eviction by the whiskers, while a few have just been clear of the rest. The show began with 20 housemates, but now just 5 remain. The last standing housemates in the house are Laycon, Nnegi, Dorathy, Neo, and Vee.

As experts in forecasting uncertainties, betBonanza predicted the outcome based on the voting pattern and popularity of each of the housemates.

  • Laycon has 43% chance of winning.
  • Nnegi has 23% chance of winning.
  • Dorathy has 18% chance of winning
  • Neo has 8% chance of winning.
  • And Vee has got 7% chance of winning.

But an independent online poll we conducted and researched from multiple other sources across social media is more decisive. It shows that Laycon is the overwhelming favorite.

Looking at Laycon, what exactly is he doing right? What strategy is he using?  Is he playing the Poverty Card? Is this about his talent? Is this about his brain? Is this about the fact that most Nigerians can relate to 'Grass to Grace story'? He must answer all these when he is out.

Evicted housemates never saw him as a competition! None saw it coming! TrickyTee, one of the evicted housemates said 'Icons are crazy fans!

Celebrities are all rooting for Laycon and rallying their base to vote! Teni, a popular Nigerian singer got dragged on Twitter because of Laycon. How Laycon has practically revolutionized the show and brought people from all walks of life to appreciate his originality and talent is still a mystery. Public rallies canvassing for votes have also been held in various cities in Nigeria in his support.

Talking about other housemates, Nengi came to the house with the energy to win. She has won most of the tasks and challenges in the house and over 5 million naira already. The delectable Dorathy is friendly with everybody, she was saved during the last eviction with votes from fans and that could land her the grand prize. Neo is the only Warri boy still remaining in the house, though a hustler, he has been decent so far. The Lagos-born, London-raised Vee talent as a singer shows promise in the industry.

Well, the voting has ended, and the winner should have emerged already. Let's just sit back, note the voting percentage as given by betBonanza, and wait for the winner to be announced on Sunday night.


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