What to bet on during the off-season: This betbonanza game makes you forget about football.

2024-06-11 News


The fact is, this season of football is over. But there is some “place” where the real football fans go to, to get a taste of the action. It is a secret to most people, but some gold miners know that this place is another sure location.  Arsenal fans reading this are already in a hurry trying to be the “first” to this secret spot… relax e go reach you, let's first give honor to the champions.

Mighty Congratulations to the Citizens for a job well done this season. In any other season, the points Arsenal got would have won them a trophy but Man City was just outstanding. Again kudos to Pep’s team for that master class performance and a trophy well deserved.

To Man United the slayers of the blue dragon and winner of the FA Cup, we see you too. What a way to crown a season, incredible strategy and defense. We hope to see more of such clutch play next season. 

To the winners of the Champions League Real Madrid, it was almost expected but this doesn't take anything away from their superior play and passion to win. Superb performance from them.  Okay, that's enough, back to the point… now we have our champion, what next?  

We have 3 games to keep you so busy, you might forget about the football season

Live E-football Betting!


Just like regular football betting, you get to bet on 2 professional gamers playing against each other online using the world's strongest teams! Meaning two pro gamers play football online, you have real-time video of their game, real-time odds, real-time scorelines, and real cash out just like regular football. In the time you are reading this a ton of people have already cashed out big winnings, and they would continue to win on e-football till the start of the new season. Play e-football and enjoy all the benefits of football during the off-season!

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N750,000 Free Cash on Instant Virtual!

If you are a hardcore football fan and punter you would love the Instant Virtual games. Just like betting on actual football matches, you can bet on virtual teams, watch them play, and win on your bets! It starts simple. The best part is the current promo rewards you, the more you place bets. All you need to do is play, enjoy, climb the leaderboard, and get a chance to win as high as ₦100,000 free cash weekly.

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Hop on the Quick Cashout Train by Playing Casino.

Casino is another high-paying choice for you if you like instant rewards on your stake. Most sports players also enjoy this, even if it is a little different from sports betting it is crazy-interesting. If you are like me and you are done with football for this season you should try Casino games

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