Strategies for Winning at Roulette

2022-06-03 News

Roulette is one very famous game of chance. In recent years, though not as popular as the slot machines, it still retains the title of “casino queen”. You can’t imagine a hall of a decent gaming establishment without a constantly spinning reel and a ball rushing down the track with a distinctive buzzing sound.

Thousands of online roulette visitors, professional players, and even well-known mathematicians tried to find a way to beat roulette, but so far no one could beat it honestly. There’s even a legend that the creator of roulette went mad because he couldn’t beat his invention.

You can only beat casino roulette in a single session. You’re at a disadvantage in an infinitely long time frame. Some roulette variations are among the most successful games for most casino lovers. All they have to do is learn how to recognize their favored versions and stick to a basic technique. In this piece, betBonanza has decided to share some winning roulette tactics.

General roulette rules

Let’s recall the basic rules of roulette:

Roulette aims to guess at which number the ball will stop, betting one or more numbers beforehand;

Bets are opened and closed by the dealer.

Bets can be placed while the ball is spinning;

Bets can be placed on one or more numbers;

It is allowed to combine bets without exceeding the total table limits.

At online casinos, the players make all bets themselves. In offline venues, the croupier has to place some bets. They are called call bets because the dealer must be asked to accept chips for these positions.

Features of roulette bets

Traditional bets can be divided into two types:

Internal — for one, two, three, four, or six numbers;

Outside — red/black, big/small numbers, odd/even, columns, and dozens.

Many types of play accept bets on sectors, neighbors, finals, and so on.

Types of roulette

There are three main types of the roulette:

European — 36 numbers, one zero, a basic set of bets, occasionally with verbal bets;

American — 37 numbers, single and double zero, extra bets and rules are conceivable;

French — 36 numbers, single zero, increased betting possibilities, additional regulations for when a zero occurs, and a unique design

These are all commonly found in online casinos. Often software developers offer models with features of the rules and design, typical of several varieties at once. For example, in European version can act types of bets typical of the French version.

The most profitable is classical French roulette with La Partage rule, according to which the player gets back half of the bets on equal odds if a zero occurs.

Roulette betting systems

Throughout roulette’s long history, dozens of strategies and betting systems have been devised that players have used to try and beat the ‘Queen of the Casino’. Most of them involve playing with bets that pay 1:1 (the so-called even odds).

Let’s take a look at the most popular roulette betting systems:


 This system is probably known to all casino players. The essence of Martingale is simple. You have to double your bet every time you lose and go back to the original amount the first time you win. There are numerous extended versions of it, as well as the exact opposite strategy as Anti-Martingale.


The Labouchere method is sometimes called the ‘crossing out system’ because you have to cross out the numbers written down during the game. It is a negative progression with several variations.


 A popular strategy with a decreasing bet if you win and an increasing bet if your spin is unsuccessful. D’Alembert usually takes the average amount as the basis, which allows you to change it both ways.


 The Parlay system is also loved by many roulette fans. It involves leaving your winnings on the line with your initial bet. The key is to collect your winnings in time.

Thomas Donald:

Playing roulette using the Thomas Donald method, you need to increase your bet by one unit after losing and decrease it by one unit after winning. You could say that this is a less aggressive version of Martingale.


This is a positive progression where the bet has to be increased when you win. Paroli fans try to catch a lucky wave on which they can quickly increase their bankroll

How to increase your chances of winning at roulette?

Follow the experts’ general advice:

Choose the variety of the game with the highest return rate. Of the classics, French roulette is one of them.

Give preference to bets with maximum RTP, if they are present in the model you choose. For example, play equal odds on French Roulette with La Partage.

Don’t turn down the rare types of roulette. Some models have a high theoretical return rate.

Learn how to manage your bankroll. You must be prepared to ride out bad streaks. By the way, some betting systems help control the expenditure of money. But remember, some strategies are very aggressive and require a solid cash reserve.

Keep yourself in check. Set time and financial limits before going to the casino and never violate them.

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