What's Happening with Manchester United?: Defence Problem

2024-04-29 News

You would agree that it's hard to play ball, but how hard can it be for a team like Manchester to keep the advantage for 10 minutes more?  Imagine jubilating that your team is winning against Chelsea, Liverpool, Brentford, or even Coventry, only to blink and see that they are lost or drawn. Your night is ruined!

Since nobody is talking about it, we should. Let's go back a bit to a particular team’s performance that can make you reject a delicious bowl of “Amala, Ewedu with ram meat.” You might not believe it, but, Manchester United's recent performance can do that.

In the past month, Manchester United has managed to draw and lose games they were winning in the 80th minute. Meaning before the 80-minute mark of the game, they held the lead, and by the 90th minute, they were lost or drawn!

Manchester United, a team that once struck fear into the hearts of their opponents but now seems as shaky as a leaf, unable to hold onto leads as if they were trying to grip soap in the shower.

Chelsea vs. Manchester United

Let’s start with the 2024 Premier League second leg against Chelsea. The stadium was as tense as ever! Doubts and hope for Chelsea fans; confidence and faith from Man United fans! United was leading the dance 3-2 until the 90th-minute mark. But as if they had suddenly forgotten how to defend, they let in two goals faster than you could say "Glory Glory Manchester United." Manchester eventually lost a game they had no business losing!

Brentford vs. Manchester United

Moving on to their Premier League skirmishes, the “Manchester United Curse” struck again. Against Brentford, with the match poised at 1-0 to United in the 96th- minute of the match, a fan would have crowed that game as a win for the Red Devils, but as you already know, Brentford struck back to steal a point in the dying embers of the game. 

Now we aren't saying there isn't room for upset or a comeback in the game of football, but the same thing happening 5 times in a month to one particular team is more than just “coincidence or luck.” 

Manchester United vs. Liverpool

Another instance is the tussle with Liverpool at Old Trafford. Those tricky Liverpool stars snatched a draw from the jaws of defeat in the 84th minute of the game, leaving United fans to wonder if this current team needs a refresher course on “how to defend.” 

Coventry City vs. Manchester United

But that's not all, their most annoying escapade was the FA semi-final match against Coventry.  Manchester United took on Coventry City in what was expected to be a quintessential David vs. Goliath FA Cup semi-final. Of course, we all thought our beloved Red Devils would gently cruise to victory.

By the 58th minute, it was a gameset match as the scoreboard beamed a comforting 3-0 in United's favor. Scott McTominay, Harry Maguire, and Bruno Fernandes etched their names onto the score sheet. The Reds seemed to be in complete control, dictating the flow of the match, and we fans were almost ready to book our tickets for the grand finale against Manchester City. But exactly at the 70th-minute mark, Manchester United began the journey of conceding 3 goals in 20 minutes to drag this match to penalties.

It’s a head-scratcher! It is worrisome! Is it the tactic? Is it the fitness? Or perhaps it’s just a run of bad luck. Even their last match against Burnley showed a similar pattern. Whatever the reason, the once formidable fortress of Old Trafford is starting to look a bit like a castle made of sand – and the tide is coming in.

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