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The “Drops & Wins – Daily Spaceman Tournament – Cash prizes all day long!”– is active in Spaceman and runs from 8th February 2023 to 3rd May 2023 weekly (the “Promotion Term”) as a part of the “Drops & Wins – Cash prizes all day long – Roulette, Game shows, Blackjack & Spaceman” (the “Network Promotion“). By participating in the Promotion, you hereby agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

How to participate in Daily Spaceman Tournament:
  • A player must join or opt in in any of the participating games.
  • A player must place Qualifying Bets on Spaceman in Daily Spaceman Tournament.
  • A player will receive points based on the total amount of points received based on In-game wins multiplier.
  • The higher the total value of the points received by the player for In-game wins multiplier, the higher the player’s score would be.
  • The prizes will be distributed to players based on the final score showed on the in-game leaderboard by the end of each Daily Spaceman Tournament.
  • Prize Table – Daily Spaceman Tournament
    Rank Prize
    1 ₦470,000
    2-3 ₦235,000
    4-6 ₦47,000
    7-10 1,000x
    11-70 500x
    71-200 200x
    1. Pragmatic Play’s “Drops & Wins – Daily Spaceman Tournament – Cash prizes all day long!” is active exclusively in Spaceman game and run from 8th February 2023 to 3rd May 2023 (the “Promotion Term”, whereby each week within the Promotion Term shall be a referred to as a “Qualifying Week”).
    2. Daily Spaceman Tournament are part of Drops & Wins Live Casino Network Promotion and represent part of the total Promotion prize pool.each week within a Stage shall be a qualifying week (hereinafter each a “Qualifying Week”).
    3. Each Qualifying Week within the Promotion Term comprises seven (7) days with one tournament each day (each a “Daily Spacemen Tournament”), whereby each day within the Qualifying week shall be a referred to as a “Promotional Day”.
    4. In order to participate in any Daily Spaceman Tournament, a player must open the Spaceman game and join/opt in to the Daily Spaceman Tournament.
    5. Only real money bets with a minimum stake required (or the equivalent amount in available currencies) in the participating tables/games will be considered as a qualifying bet (“Qualifying Bets”).
    6. If the required minimum bet amount is unavailable, the next greater available bet in the participating table/game will be considered as the Qualifying bet.
    7. Only the first five hundred (500) Qualifying Bets per day within each of Daily Spaceman Tournament (the “Qualifying Bets Limit”) will be counted towards as eligible for each Promotion. All Qualifying Bets placed after reaching the Qualifying Bets Limit will not be counted towards each Promotion.

    Daily Spaceman Tournament mechanics
    1. In order for players to be eligible to participate in the Daily Spaceman Tournament, a real money minimum bet of ₦940 on any of the participating game(s) (or any higher minimum bet available on a participating game) is required.
    2. The leaderboard in Daily Spaceman tournament is ranked in accordance with the score, which is based on the total amount of points received based on in-game wins multiplier.
    3. A player will be awarded points if he/she places Qualifying Bets, and the win multiplier (win multiplier is calculated as total win divided by total bet for each one round) is equal or greater to the win multiplier values in the table below (for example: a player places ₦940 bet on any of the participating games and wins ₦117,500, in this example the win multiplier of the qualifying bet is 100 (250/2=125) and the player will receive 50 points).
    4. The configured win multiplier means the exact number and any higher value up to next tier.
    5. Win Multiplier Points Earned
      1.5 2
      2 3
      5 5
      11 10
      21 20
      51 50
      101 100
      501 500
      1001 1000
      2001 & More 2000

    6. The Daily Spaceman Tournaments rules and prize tables are built in-game. The prize table updates in real time showing, the current standings as well as the number of prizes left.
    7. Prizes will be paid out as per the ‘Prizes’ tab, found in the game.
    8. Prizes are paid out to players as a fixed amount.
    9. There is no additional cost to participate in the Promotion.
    10. Total expected monthly prize pool for the Daily Spaceman Tournament is is ₦65,800,000 in cash.
    11. Total expected monthly prize pool for the Network Promotion is ₦65,800,000 in cash.
    12. Total expected prize pool for all Promotion Term is ₦131,600,000 in cash.
    13. For the avoidance of doubt, any undistributed portion of the prize pool at the end of any specific Prize Drop or Tournament shall be carried forward into subsequent Drops & Wins Stages or into the next network promotion(s).
    14. All betBonanza offers are intended for recreational players and betBonanza may in its sole discretion limit the eligibility of customers to participate in all or part of any promotion.
    15. Any players, who, in the opinion of betBonanza, abuse this offer, will have their bonus forfeited, placed bets cancelled and accounts closed.
    16. betBonanza reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any promotion at its own discretion.
    17. In addition to the above rules, betBonanza General Terms and Conditions apply.
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