How to play Super Six

2020-02-24 Tutorials

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In this game, we have numbers from 1 to 48 out of which 35 numbers are drawn. The minimum stake for each bet type is  ₦20. There are various bet types/options to play and choose from: 

1. Simple bet: In this bet type, a punter can choose 6-10 numbers out of 48 numbers. Only 35 numbers are drawn every five minutes and if the punter’s selected 6 numbers are part of the 35 numbers drawn, the punter wins. The higher the numbers selected the lower the winning. Winning is determined by the odd of where the last of the six numbers selected drops. The higher the combinations played, the lower the maximum odds: See winning table below: 



2. The Ball’s color: Here, a punter is placing bets on the most frequent group of colour to be drawn out of the eight colours available- red, blue, green, violet, brown, orange, yellow and black. If he selects black, black must be drawn more than other colours in the draw of 35 as indicated below: The winning is determined by the odd of where the last of the six balls.



3. Sum of first five balls under/over 122.5: This is where the punter bets on the sum of the first five balls to be either under/over 122.5.