Weekly Virtual Bonus:
This bonus is paid every Monday to agents who make sales of ₦100,000 on Virtuals (Inclusive of Color-Color & Super Six) and above weekly. See breakdown below:
Weekly Stakes Bonus
₦100,000 ₦1,000
₦300,000 ₦2,000
₦500,000 ₦5,000
₦1,000,000 ₦10,000
₦1,500,000 ₦15,000
₦3,000,000 ₦30,000
₦5,000,000 ₦45,000
₦7,000,000 ₦60,000
₦10,000,000 ₦75,000
₦20,000,000 ₦150,000
Weekly Sports Bonus of ₦2,500:
This bonus is paid every Monday to agents who meet the following criteria:
  • Sports stakes of ₦100,000 weekly
  • 250 tickets on sports weekly

The two conditions above must be met to earn the weekly sports bonus.

Monthly Sports Bonus:
This bonus is paid monthly to agents who accept at least 500 bets and have sales of at least ₦150,000 on sports. It is calculated as: (Sales - Pay-outs) x 25% - 4 weeks commission earned on sports.
Weekly Fuel Refund Bonus:
This bonus is paid to agents every Monday. The following conditions must be met:
Weekly Total Sales Weekly Total Bets Bonus
500,000 1,000 ₦6,000
1,000,000 2,500 ₦8,000
2,000,000 4,000 ₦11,000
4,000,000 5,000 ₦15,000
6,000,000 6,000 ₦20,000

The fuel bonus applies to stakes & tickets on all Virtual products (Virtual Football, BonanzaBallz, Virtual Number Games, Spin4Win, Blazing Rocket and Keno). Respective targets: Total Weekly Sales and Total Weekly bets must be achieved in order to earn the corresponding bonus.

Weekly Bonanza Games bonus:
Trade our exclusive BonanzaBallz, Keno, Blazing Rockets, and Spin4Win Products to earn extra bonus every week, paid on Mondays. On top of your normal sales commission. Check it out:
Weekly Stakes Bonus
₦100,000 ₦1,000
₦200,000 ₦1,500
₦300,000 ₦3,000
₦500,000 ₦5,000
₦1,000,000 ₦10,000
₦1,500,000 ₦15,000
₦3,000,000+ ₦30,000
Online Player Registration Bonus:
Agents who register new online customers that make first deposits of ₦1,000 or more receive a bonus of ₦2,000 for each customer which is accumulated And paid out within 72 hours.
Jackpot Bonus: 10% of all Gold & Silver Jackpot winnings

This bonus will be paid to Agents who are regularly trading Virtuals in their shops. For every Gold or Silver jackpot won in the shop, the Agent gets 10% of the jackpot as a bonus.

For example: A punter wins ₦2,100,000 Gold Jackpot, this means the Agent will get additional ₦210,000 bonus credited to his Admin account. If a punter also wins ₦150,000 Silver jackpot, the Agent will get an additional ₦15,000 bonus credited to his Admin Account. These bonus amounts are not removed from the punter’s winnings and punter has to be paid the full jackpot amount won. The jackpot bonus will be paid directly to the Agent by the company.

Terms and Conditions for Jackpot Bonus
  1. Gold Jackpots: The punter must have submitted all AML requirements (Filled AML form, valid ID card of both the punter and the Agent as well as the original ticket) within 3 days before the 10% bonus will be paid.
  2. Silver Jackpots: The punter must have submitted the original ticket to the Agent which the Agent will use to claim the bonus within 3 days before the 10% bonus will be paid. If the Silver Jackpot exceeds ₦250,000, the Gold Jackpot rule above will apply.
  3. The bonus will be paid to only active shops with a minimum of 500 tickets and ₦100,000 sales across all products in the past week for a minimum of 5 trading days. New Agents and re-activated Agents must have traded at least 500 bets for a minimum of 5 trading days in the past week, or if they just resumed, they will be paid the bonus once they have traded for the first 5 days since resumption.
  4. The bonus only applies to Gold & Silver Jackpots.
  5. The bonus amount (10% of the Gold or Silver jackpot winning) will be credited to the Agent’s Admin account once all requirements are met.
  6. This bonus is effective from 30th of May, 2022 until discontinued by betBonanza.
  7. In addition to the above, the Terms and Conditions for Agents Bonuses also applies.
Terms and Conditions for Agent Bonuses
  1. All betBonanza agents who meet the criteria for the agent bonuses are eligible to earn these bonuses.
  2. These bonuses are additional incentives given by the Company to well-performing and regularly trading agents and are given at betBonanza’s discretion.
  3. Where any fraudulent or suspicious activity from the agent’s side is detected in other to claim these bonuses, the Company shall amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any bonus at its own discretion.
  4. These commissions and bonuses may be reviewed from time to time, and if any changes are done they shall be updated on the Agent bonuses website section.