Register a New Agent and Get ₦5,000 Cash!

Whether you are an Agent or a Punter, a Tribesman or a Kinsman, you can make extra money if you Refer a New Agent to the betBonanza Tribe.

How do you get paid? 10 simple things:

  • Tell someone about betBonanza
  • Convince them to become our Agent
  • New Agent must fill application form here
  • And under Other Details and Your Referrer info, write out the details of the person who referred them.
  • New Agent shop location will be confirmed
  • New Agent will sign a partner agreement
  • New Agent will deposit initial trading fee
  • New Agent will get trained
  • New Agent will receive equipment
  • And the Referrer of new Agent will be paid ₦5,000 cash

And there is something more for each new Agent. If a new Agent is coming from another betting company, they will get our Special Porting Bonus. This Bonus will help balance their Trading account for the first 3 months of trading. On top of this, a new porting Agent will still get our amazing commission and bonus packages.

So, Agents, Punters, and anybody out there! The ₦5,000 cash is yours! Go for it!

Wondering what to do next?

  1. The new Agent needs to sign up at
  2. When the New Agent is registering, he/she needs to add information on who referred him/her in the Agent Registration form field - Other details and your Referrer info, informing us who has referred him/her.
  3. This Referral Program will only work for new Agents who have never signed up with betBonanza. It will not work if an existing Agent opens a new shop.
  4. To receive the ₦5,000 Referrer bonus, the new Agent needs to go through the full agent onboarding process, including registration at our Agent's page, making first deposit, training, etc. This process needs to be done within the promotion period.
  5. The Refer an Agent bonus will be paid only for fully onboarded new agents who have started trading and are active at the point when the bonus is claimed. The bonus will not be paid for agents if they just register but don't engage in active and regular trading after that. However, it still can be claimed once the new agent has fully started trading.
  6. The existing Agent or Online Customer must assist the new Agent by providing Customer Support details to new Agent for any questions he/she might have or any assistance he/she might need.
  7. New Agent will get Porting Bonus on completion of the porting bonus terms as well.
  8. Bonuses will be credited on Tuesdays, the following week after the new Agent has completed onboarding processes.
  9. Promotion starts at 11.05.2020 and runs until discontinued by betBonanza.
  10. betBonanza may in its sole discretion limit the eligibility of any Agent or Online Customer to participate in all or part of any promotion, in case an Agent or Online Customer is suspected in fraudulent behavior.
  11. betBonanza reserves the right to withdraw the availability of any offer or all offers to any customer or group of customers.
  12. Any Agent or Online Customer to participate in all or part of any promotion, in case an Agent or Online Customer is suspected, who in the opinion of betBonanza has abused this offer, will be blocked from participating and winning the prize.
  13. betBonanza reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any promotion at its own discretion.
  14. In addition to the above rules, betBonanza General Terms and Conditions apply.
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