5 Basic Strategies to Help You Win in Baccarat

2022-04-07 News

Baccarat is one of the easiest games for beginners at the casino. There is no need for extensive strategies, and a basic strategy will give you everything you need to manipulate the odds in your favor.

So, if you are online gaming with betBonanza casino, what strategies can you use to get the odds in your favor?

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Why Use Strategies?

First, of all, let’s talk about why you need these strategies in the first place.

Betting systems set rules that you need to follow, telling you how much to bet and which bet to place. This is different from a strategy. However, in casinos, these are used interchangeably.

On the most basic level, being aware of the rules and how the edge of the different bets in baccarat already have you at an advantage. You should remember that the banker bet will have a house edge of 1.6%, a player bet has 1.24% and a tie bet has 14.36%.

So, really your first strategy should be to avoid tie bets.

However, strategies will help to extend your odds of getting winnings or simply losing less.

So… what are these strategies?

Well, these are our top five strategies that you should definitely consider employing as you start to play baccarat.

1. Making Banker Bets

This is probably the best advice we can give you. The Banker bet will usually have a commission charge which can be about 5%. This is the type of bet, you want to avoid if you are making use of any betting system, be it play, negative, or progressive.

However, if you are looking to make the most of a 1.06% edge, then you should stick to the banker bets. 1.06% is a decent stat that will make your play a bit steadier.

2. Making Player Bets

There is not really a ‘best bet’ option. You should always instead focus on what you want. If you are seeking to ignore the house edge and keep choosing the banker bets in spite of the commission, it could be an ideal choice.

However, you should not underestimate the player bets. These can be great. Just because the banker has a higher chance of a win, does not mean you should ignore the player.

The player bets can see you through if you play with a strategy, and so it is key that you understand every aspect of the game because banker bets are not flawless.

3. Tie Bets; Good Or Bad?

Tie bets do not really matter. It is a pariah that rarely tempts anyone to play it. It may have been introduced to spruce up the baccarat scene a little. But most people will be aware that the banker wins, the player is there to keep things consistent, and the tie is basically a push bet.

4. Have Fun

You will lose. Accept it, no matter how good your strategy may be. However, you should know how to react, and take it in your stride. You should not get emotional over losses when gambling, you do not need to double down with a loss unless it is strategic.

Baccarat should be fun, and when it is no longer fun, you should stop. There is nothing wrong with walking away, you might just be having a bad say and that is okay, we all get them. If it stops being fun, and you are experiencing a losing streak, just walk away and come back another day.

5. Stick to Your Budget

Any time you are handling real money, you should be budgeting. You should have a plan, know your limit, and if possible, limit yourself.

You do not want to get carried away and find out that you went well over budget and end up short on cash the next month for living expenses.

This is why it is so important that you plan out a budget, so you do not go overboard. If possible, when you bet online, set a limit on the amount you can spend per day, week, or month, so that you are always ensuring you will not go over how much you can afford.

A general rule of thumb is to never spend more than you can afford to.

Another good way to ensure you are staying true to your budget is to make sure that you do not play for ages. This means it can be wise to set time limits on your playing. This is not only good for budgeting but also for avoiding addiction.






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