5 Popular frequently asked questions about BonanzaBallz

2021-04-28 News

Hello Kinsmen! Trust you are in a winning mood.

Today we will answer 5 of the most popular frequently asked questions about BonanzaBallz. As you would see as we go on, it is very easy to win on BonanzaBallz.

Question 1: What is the highest amount I can win on BonanzaBallz?

Answer: You can win up to Ten Million Naira (₦10,000,000) on BonanzaBallz.

Question 2: How can I win the Hot or Mega Jackpot on BonanzaBallz?

Answer: Hot Jackpot-A punter has the opportunity to select six numbers between 1 and 9 which he believes will correspond with the jackpot numbers. If five of the six numbers predicted are drawn in a particular order just as the jackpot numbers, the punter wins the Hot Jackpot.  Mega Jackpot- A punter has the opportunity to select six numbers between 1 and 9 which he believes will correspond with the jackpot numbers. If all the six numbers predicted correspond with the jackpot numbers in the same order not randomly, the punter wins the Mega Jackpot *No additional stake is required for this. A punter places his regular bet and chooses to also compete in the jackpots. If a punter does not select jackpot numbers, numbers will automatically be assigned to the ticket. 

Question 3: How can I win color-bonus?

Answer: Color bonus is won when all six single-colour numbers (Color bet selection) are selected on a single ticket in a single bet, and all those numbers are drawn among the first 15 numbers in that round. If the bonus is won by more than one player, it is shared evenly between or amongst them. 

Question 4: What do the two stars in each draw represent?

Answer: If the last of the numbers selected drops on a star, it doubles the winning of the customer. There are always two stars in every draw that appears in random positions.

5.Question: How many options can be selected on one ticket?

Answer:  This is where BonanzaBallz stands out from all other products. You can actually select up to 10 different options on one ticket. We bet you never had it so good.

Now, that your questions have been answered, you can play BonanzaBlalz right away. In fact, don't go until you have tried out the advice we have given above. So give it a shot now!

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