5 time-tested secrets to a 100% boost in Agent sales

2021-03-23 News

There some secrets that our most successful Tribesmen have used to make huge sales and become very successful. We will be sharing 5 of them with you. Just follow us closely and you'll learn of them.

1. Have a successful mindset

As in everything in life, the mind is to go first. Those who think failure will give up at the slightest setback, and will likely fail. Those who think success will be willing to push through until they succeed.  When we say successful mindset, we mean a mind that sees challenges as temporary, a mind that sees difficulty as passing, a mind that knows that no condition is permanent, and a mind that will always see light at the end of the tunnel. True success takes time. It is never overnight. You must believe in what you do and be able to see yourself being successful in the business.

2. Understand the business
When we say to understand the business, we mean that you must keep learning about the products you are trading, the behavior of your customers, the priority of the company, and be able to balance all these factors, when making business decisions. There are some challenges you will face that you have to take ownership of and act as a good middleman, and not blame the company or your customer. You must be able to know how every product you sell works, how to calculate your bonuses, commissions, refunds, and all. When you know that, you will be able to set targets for yourself. You will be able to monitor your progress. You will be able to appraise yourself, which is one of the key ingredients for success. You must be self-driven to succeed, and that begins with understanding thoroughly the business you are into.

3. Look to your customers, not to the company
The only way to make money in this business is to get, maintain, and sustain your customers. You must be proactive in engaging and reassuring them of any concerns they might have. You must know how they behave, how to reward their loyalty, how to attract their attention, how to make them comfortable n your shop, etc. Of course, if they have any feedback for the company, you can share with us and we will look into it and address it speedily. Remember, the Customer remains the King. If there is no customer, there is no business.

4. Be patient

To be realistic, you cannot become big in this business after just one month of trading. Like we say it's a business, not free money. Your customers see the value in your product, that is why they will keep coming. If the product is no longer valuable to them, they will stop coming. This is why temporary losses no matter how huge are good for business in the long run. It proves that they can win and they will always have a  chance to win. On top of that, it is wise to pay your customers their winnings early enough so that they don't get irritated. Patience is a virtue you must cultivate to be successful in this business.

5. Plough back profit.

Ploughing back profit simply means taking some of your profit to reinvest into the business that helped you to make that profit in the first place. Never eat all your profit. Always operate on a budget that allows you to inject part of your profits into enhancing the service you provide. You can set aside 20% of all your profit, for example, to reinvest in new computer accessories, furniture, fliers and billboard, satellite TV subscription, etc. What ploughing back profits is like feeding the Goose that lays the Golden Egg. If anything happens to the Goose, there would be no more eggs. In a way, you are servicing what is servicing your pocket.

There you have it. With these 5 secrets, you are definitely going to see a 100% increase in your sales in no time and become very successful in the business.

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