8 winning tips for placing tennis bets

2020-01-05 News

Tennis betting is relatively easy to understand. In this post, we’ll look at some tips that will help you place the right bets on your next bet.

1. Open an account with betBonanza

The first thing to do is to open an account with a trusted Bookie like betBonanza. betBonanza is the Bettor's dream come true. With betBonanza, your chances of winning are multiplied. This is because we want you to win. For starters, the betBonanza platform is one that is easy to understand and use. You can make use of it quite easily with little or no complications. It is the betting site designed for bettors by bettors. Making winning bets is much easier when you various matches with high odds available. Although tennis is very easy to bet on, having a great bookmaker makes it easier.

2. Get specialized

The Tennis world is broad. The men and women’s circuits are so individually developed that it is almost hard to follow up with everything. If you are just a starter or someone with a moderate level of knowledge, it is best to specialize. When it comes to specializing, we are not referring to placing bets in that particular area. Rather, it means watching the matches, making extensive research, getting to know the players, their strengths and their weaknesses. Specialization improves your chances and helps you understand the gameplay.

3. Fully understand serving and returning

Of course, serving and returning make up the huge part of the game. Each tennis player has their own individual style and when you understand the serving and returning styles each player has, you have a head start as you can predict a part of the match before it even starts. The reason a lot of people find it easy to bet on tennis is that tennis is a sport that depends more on individual performance than group performance. In football, even if the star player is on his A-game, the rest of the team can pull him down.

4. Use players' head to head records (H2H)

Head to head records refers to players’ individual records and statistics against other players. These records and statistics will give you an idea about how a player will perform. These head-to-head records will give you hints about what type of bets to place and how to place them. Understanding head-to-head records are not only important but also compulsory. Luckily, all this information is available online. It is also a smart idea to find correlation and relation to their performances. If you fully understand how a player is likely to play under certain circumstances, you are well on your way to making sure bets.

5. Understand tennis odds

To bet properly, you must understand how to calculate odds on tennis. Assuming that there is a particular outcome with a 2.5 odd attached, how much are you likely to make from it if it comes out as planned? This answer depends on your stake. Your stake refers to how much you bet. So, if you bet ₦300, your stake is ₦300. To find how much you will make, you simply multiply your odds by your stake. In this case, you will multiply 2.5 by 300. You will have ₦750. However, ₦500 isn't your profit. Remember that your stake is like your capital and your profit or gain is what you earn minus your capital. So when you take away ₦300 from your ₦750, you realize that you have ₦450. You might be thinking that ₦300 is not much but 2.5 is a good odd especially if it is likely. There are two ways to make the best use of odds. The first is to combine several games on one ticket. If you combine ten games of different odds, simply add the odds together and multiply by the stake. The second trick is to stake sensible amounts. If you stake ₦2,000 on a game of 2.5 odds, you make ₦5,000 which means you’ve made ₦3,000 profit. Choose the one that suits you best. With other sports, it is usually smart to combine games on multiple tickets. However, with tennis, it is usually smart to stick to one game as the results depend on individual performances which can fluctuate. The reason this risk is not present so much in team sports is that is a player not in top form can be subbed out or the rest of the team can even make up for the mistakes. That is not available in tennis.

6. Understand each player’s terrain

The terrain must be taken into consideration because it tends to play a vital role in how players perform. Tennis is either played on clay, grass, carpet or hard court. Players generally have favourite locations. There are some all-rounders that do well wherever they play but most are not like that. Consider the terrain and where the match will be played. All these pieces of information are actually available beforehand and so you can easily obtain it before the match to enable you to make the right bets. Always remember that despite skill, the terrain actually makes a great difference as tennis is a game of individual efforts.

7. Understand players' strengths and weaknesses

Each player has their own strengths and weaknesses. These strengths and weaknesses affect the game very glaringly because it is not a team sport. These players have circumstances under which they are superb and circumstances under which they are not. For example, some players are left-handed while some are right-handed. It is differences like this that will give you a hint on the likely outcome.

8. Place bets frequently

"Practice," they say, "makes perfect". There is no way to get better at betting than doing it frequently. When you bet frequently, you gain something that you cannot gain by any other means:  experience. Never compare the practical betting experience with any other thing. When you bet frequently, you get better at it. Put aside an amount each month for sports betting. Try out new areas, new match-types, and new bet types. Don’t be afraid to try new things. The aim is to find your niche. When you do this, you’re on your way to success.

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