A comprehensive guide to online sports betting

2019-10-17 News

Betting is a business-like hobby.

It is a hobby and should not be looked at as a means of livelihood, but rather as a fun and interesting way to earn money from time to time. It is also like a business in the sense that if you put in capital into the right places, you will make profits. It is also a business like in the sense that if you play your cards right, you can multiply your money by thousands within the blink of an eye.

If you have decided to join sports betting and take a step into the world of odds, welcome and grab a seat. There are some things you must know before you decide to start betting. In this comprehensive guide to sports betting, the basics about betting on sports online have been compiled. Ensure you read this article very well before placing your first bet.

The beginning:choosing the right betting site

No matter how good you are at betting, the wrong betting site can screw you up quite badly. It is important that you choose the right betting site, for many reasons. For example, shady betting sites can steal your account details and drain your balances. The right betting site must be legitimate and safe enough so you cannot be debited wrongly. Also, the right betting sites offer various sports and multiple games. In addition, there should be games with great odds so you can make a profit. Your chosen site must have a wallet that is easily credited and your earnings must easy to withdraw.

When all these requirements are considered, only a few sites make the list of ‘Best Betting Sites in Nigeria'. However, one of the members of that list and arguably the best betting site you can use is betBonanza.com. betBonanza is the new site that bettors all over Nigeria are using to win big bonanzas. The site covers various types of sports including football, basketball, cricket, hockey, and others. It also features virtual gaming and owns the largest online casino in Nigeria. betBonanza also has arguably the best virtual gaming in Nigeria. We advice that you should select betBonanza as your betting site of choice.

Gathering knowledge: types of sport betting
As you probably expected, there are various types of sports bets. In this section, we will take a look at them to ensure they don’t look strange to you.
1x2 Bets

1 x 2 bet is a popular type of bet. It is also known as a three-way-bet. It involves predicting who will win or predicting a draw. 1 indicates that the home team listed will win, X indicates that no team will win and it will end up in a draw, while 2 indicates that the away team will win. It is a simple and straight forward bet. You either predict the winner or you predict a draw.

Double chance bets

In betting generally, there are three possible outcomes of bets. It is either the first team wins, the second team wins, or they draw. In double chance bets, you can carry a team to either win or draw. For example, if Manchester United plays against Chelsea and the match takes place in Old Trafford, you can choose to carry a win or draw prediction using double chance bets. It would be smart to carry Manchester United to win or draw or you can choose to carry Chelsea to win or to draw. The 12 option gives you the ability to carry either Manchester or Chelsea to win.

Under/over goals/points

This involves betting on the total number of goals to come from a match irrespective of the team. You can choose a number of goals and bet that the total number of goals that will be scored in a match will not reach or will exceed it. The number of goals you select is your goal margin. The most popular goal margin is 2.5. Do not let the points confuse you. Betting under 2.5 means that you are staking that the total number of goals in the match will not exceed two. Whereas betting over 2.5 means that the minimum number of goals that will be scored in a match must reach three. When betting under or over, it doesn't matter what team scores. If you are having problems understanding the under and over betting, simply remember that under 0.5 means no goal while betting over 0.5 means you are betting on a minimum of one goal. Under 1.5 means that the goals will not exceed 1 while over 1.5 means you are staking on 2 or more goals.

Handicap bets

Handicap bets are another popular type of bet. They are usually played when a strong opponent is advantaged and is facing a weaker one. For example, a top team facing a smaller one in the top team's home is an ideal situation for handicaps. Handicaps simply mean giving the team you feel is weaker goals ahead. If you feel a team will definitely lose, you can give them a handicap. For example, if you give a team a 2 point handicap, it means that you're betting that even after the match, the other team [not the one you gave a handicap] will still lead by 2 points. In other words, if you give team A a handicap of 2 points, you are predicting that team B will win by at least 2 points.

Goal goal/No goal goal

Goal Goal is a type of betting that means you are staking on both teams to score. It means that you are betting that each team will score and concede at least a goal. No Goal Goal, however, means you are staking on either team to score. You are betting that only one team will score the other and will concede no goals.

Draw no bet

Draw no bet simply means that you are excluding the option of drawing from a bet. It means you cannot bet on a draw but have to bet on either team to win. If the match ends in a draw, you do not lose; your stake is given back to you. If you carried multiple games on your ticket and one of the games includes a draw no bet that ended in a draw, it will be erased and will not spoil your ticket. If it is single, your stake is returned. However, you lose if you pick the wrong team to win.

The basic betting terminologies are quite simple to understand. betBonanza makes it even easier to place bets and win massively. Unlike some other betting sites, the odds presented on the various types of games are high. Your big win is only a click away.

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