2023-11-27 News

betBonanza's newest casino game addition, Golden Race offers the most advanced interface and mode of playing on the platform ever!

For regular players, this is literally a golden opportunity to enjoy every experience of your gaming. And for the new players, you are in for a treat with this one.

Let's run through some of the major segments and features of Golden Race so you can navigate easily and start playing.


Golden Race is one of the most popular/played virtual online casinos and betting games, offering the thrill of sports betting with realistic odds and impressive effects.

Unlike a lot of other simulated sports games where you can’t see the action taking place and only see results, with Golden Race, you can watch the games you’ve bet on as if it were real-time but still see instant results. From sounds, visual effects, design and customisation Golden Race’s interface gives you a better feel and overall interface elevating your playing experience when compared to other virtual modes.

Golden Race on betBonanza also provides you with a depth of options like no other. It has betting tournaments like virtual football, basketball, horse racing, greyhound racing, speedway racing, and motorbike racing all in clear, captivating visuals 
Navigating the Golden Race games on betBonanza is effortlessly smooth, ensuring you not only have a seamless experience but also an exhilarating time. 

Here is where and how you can start playing today:


To get started first, you would need to sign in to your betBonanza account, and if you dont have one you can open an account with ease here. Once you are in your account ensure that you have credited your account with some cash so you can play as much as you want, win as much as you can, and enjoy the full experience.   

Once your account is credited the next step is to click on the menu Icon on the side for mobile users where you will see the Golden Race icon. For desktop users, the menu button is already expanded you just need to check for ‘Golden Race’ and click on it. Simple as that.



Now you should be on a page that looks like the one above. Note if you are using a desktop it will appear expanded with more customizable settings, but it's the same categories.

Golden Race offers all the casino categories you might want, from instant games to virtual and number games. In these categories you get access to, league matches you can bet on, horse racing games, and other instant games you can win from. 
All you need to do is select the category and game you would like to play and start winning.

Now if you are new to casino games you can learn how to bet and win in casino games so you can better your chance at winning.
With this, you already have all you need to start playing. Get started here and happy winning!


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