Big Brother Naija Season 7: Who Takes the Crown

2022-10-02 News

    Over the years, Africa’s TV giant Multi-choice has consistently brought the BIG BROTHER NAIJA SHOW to our screens. The seemingly exciting and entertaining show has seen various housemates and eventual winner cart away million naira worth of prizes just by staying in a house, completing tasks assigned to them in due time, and hoping the viewers vote for them.

Sounds like easy cash right? Quite easy it is though until you factor in activities and the work housemates have got to put in to get the viewing public to pitch their tent with them. Some even go the extra — they try out activities and actions they ordinary will not carry out. But with the thoughts of the looming millions and the fame that comes with winning the show, most housemates are sure to “leave it all in the field” From the controversies which notably some housemates from previous editions became known for to the subtle act of taking every task and wager with all seriousness, even to the various talents each housemate possess, a lot is considered by the viewing public before they eventually decide whose camp they will be pitching with.

This year's “Level Up” edition hasn’t come without its fair share of drama and as it gradually winds down this weekend, we bring to you our predictions and likely winner of this season’s edition.

Come this Sunday, the six of the eight housemates eligible for the public vote will have their fate decided and a new show winner will be crowned. From Phyna to Bryann, and Adekunle, it is quite a close call choosing whose head the crown will fit. In this piece, we will be running through each housemate and what has been said as per their chances of winning the show.

  1. PHYNA:

Dubbed the Queen bee by many, the 25-year-old is considered by many to be the odds-on favourite to clinch the crown. Her Odyssey on the show has so far prompted celebrities and even former Big Brother Naija housemate season 6, Pere Egbi, to tip her as the winner. In a tweet, he wrote saying Phyna would emerge the winner of the BBNaija show 2022. It remains to be seen if Pere’s prediction will come true.

  1. BRYANN:

The 24-year-old computer engineer turn artiste is also a strong contender for the crown jewel. Most bookmaker tip the budding artiste to finish second even though a few celebrities have publicly declared their support for him.


A perfect reference for the phrase “DARK HORSE” quite few would have believed a man with the nature and character of Adekunle will make it to the finale ahead of evicted housemates like Hermes and Sheggz.

Apparently, a host of silent fans is what Ade has in his camp. A few have opined that his fans are strategic, they don’t make a lot of noise on social media but they know what it means to go hard for your favorite housemate.

A few also have opined that his super creative talents in tasks and games may have just been the reason his stay on the show this long.  Though his chances for the crown appear to be slim, it remains to be seen, there is this little wave of faith in the air, that he may just clinch the crown.

  1. BELLA:

The fast-rising reality TV star to the surprise of many made it to the finale of the show. The singer and hype woman will fancy her chances come this weekend and will surely be of hope to wear the crown come Sunday.

Highly talked about, the 25-year-old will be counting on her fans known as “PhynaNation” to help her across the finish line.


A creative when in her element, her acting and spoken word skills are super brilliant and worthy of envy.  The content creator who is with an outside chance of winning the prize will be hoping the luck she has ridden so far to the finale will see her through until the very end. But this does not go without mentioning the fact she is one of the least favourite of the six gunning for the prize.

  1. CHICHI:

The 22-year-old exotic dancer and chef is never shy to pronounce herself as an unshakably ambitious goal-getter. Her charisma and zest overall has so far drawn numerous fans to her camp.

“I am an original, I am ambitious, a risk taker, a fashion queen, fierce, audacious, and above all, I am ME.

 Like I said —I’m bringing my TRUTH into the Big Brother Naija house, now the question is are you ready for me?”

Going by the above statement we can say of a truth the dancer has surely delivered and it remains for the fans to pass their judgments if she deserves to be crowned winner of the Big Brother Naija show.


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