5 things a bettor should never do

2019-12-12 News

Are you a regular sports bettor? Or perhaps you are an amateur looking to learn more about betting. You are in the right place. A lot of people can't seem to make it big in sports betting and they wonder why. Worse is that some of them have been betting on sports for years and they still haven't won more than 10,000 naira. Then, they see a newbie rake in millions and they wonder what they are doing wrong. No, it is not bad luck. Neither is your bookmaker out to get you although partnering with a great bookmaker such as betBonanza puts you ahead above others. You are simply doing one of the 5 things you should never do.

In this post, we will be looking at some of those things that would help you become a better bettor because at betBonanza, a win for you, is a win for us.

Overreact to new streaks

This is one of the most common mistakes bettors make. What are the recent streaks?

Well, imagine a club that's been having a terrible season. Its players are in poor form, they have low match stats, they don't score goals, and it’s almost as if they don’t have a goalkeeper. Now this team realizes that they are just a few points from relegation and they are getting desperate. So, the management of that team makes a logical move, fires their current coach and hires a new one. When the new coach comes, his team starts winning matches. They've won their last three matches and don't seem to be slowing down. Now what a good bettor should do is to bet conservatively on that game on a single ticket. You should not overreact and stake a huge amount of money or carry that game in a ticket with other games. This is because good performance is still relatively new. A lot of football teams have experienced a temporary turnaround after a new coach was hired and less than a month after, they were back to playing poorly. The performance of a team is not fully dependent on any single factor. Also, after several losses, even the psychology of the players is changed and their lack of belief in themselves will join whatever problem causing the losses. If just a single change is made to a poorly-performing team, chances are it will not be enough. Do not overreact. Bet smart; bet safely.

Put your heart over your head

Betting is not a game of feelings. Betting is also not a game of luck. If you strongly believe in luck or feelings, your success chances are not looking good. Some famous bettors have a principle that says that if you suddenly have a feeling to stake a particular game, treat that bet with ten-times more scrutiny. This is because it is very unlikely that your mind will just whisper the right ticket combination to you.

Have you ever won a particular amount from betting and then realized how close you were to choose a game that could have cut your ticket? Some people make the mistake of getting blown away by high odds. Imagine having a single game having 5 odds. Newbie bettors will be quick to take it. Worse is that rather than carrying such a dangerous game on a single ticket, they go ahead to let it spoil an otherwise beautiful ticket. When you want to bet, put your heart aside and let your brains do the work.

Do the same thing and expect different results

So you've been betting for a while and you've been losing. And then, you get a hold of a large sum of money and your next thought is to bet. If you do that, you can be assured that it will “end in tears”. You have been staking ₦50 and you never won. What makes you think ₦5,000 will do the trick? Take investors for example, when they get hold of a failing company and plan to manage it, they, of course, have an amount of money set aside to invest in it. That money is usually large and more than what was in it before [remember, usually but not always]. However, these businessmen do not just walk in and spray money. No. Rather, they do something extremely important; something you are missing out on. They strategize. A strategy is very important. Do not play with higher amounts and expect to win simply because you can't afford to lose. That is not smart and shouldn't be done.

Borrow to bet, try to win it all, or both

We see this among amateurs. If you can't cover your losses, don't bet. Start off with small amounts such as ₦500 or ₦1000 naira that you own. One betting strategy opines that you put in ₦2000 in your betting account and spread it out. This means you can't stake it on a single game. Your maximum amount 'stake' per game could be ₦100 or ₦200. With that money, you can grow steadily. Do not be too stingy with that amount. However, don't expect to win millions from ₦50. Behind every successful winner is usually a trail of previous losses. The aim is to make the one big win count.

Act slowly or act too fast

If you know anything about betting, then you'll know that odds drop. Five days before a match, the odds could be sitting at 1.30 and in a few days, it is reduced to 1.01. Stake when you should. You should also not be too fast. When you use a betting site such as betBonanza, you'll be able to cash out before the end of the match. It is a privilege, but you should know when to use it. A lot of people have cashed out during a match and lost a large amount of their stake only to win at the last moment. Be neither too fast nor too slow. Every movement counts.

So go ahead and avoid these 5 pitfalls as you stake on.

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