How an Edo Homeland is making Millionaires

2020-08-05 News

Kinsmen win over 3,000,000 in less than 2 weeks from Sports & Virtual Jackpot!

betBonanza is still making millionaires across Nigeria. This time, the celebrations are coming from the ancient city of Benin, in Edo State. In less than 14 days, over Three Million Naira (₦3,000,000) was won from our Sports and Virtual Jackpot! When we spoke to our Tribesman (Agent), he said the Kinsmen were all in a frenzy as they could not believe their eyes; while the popularity of the betBonanza brand was soaring, and his customers now have more confidence in betBonanza.

Here are the words of the Tribesman, Aspirant Eweka, from Edo Clan, explaining what happened since the jackpot dropped. 

"Before now, we have been enjoying a ₦6,500 virtual jackpot that drops frequently.This ₦6,500 is not common with our competitors but for us here it is quite normal, so that was already giving us an advantage over our competitors in this area. Then a week before, one of my customers placed a bet of ₦200 on sports, and won over ₦800,000! That day, the whole shop was is in jubilation, because this kind of winning had never happened in the whole locality before"; Mr Eweka revealed.

"The next week", Mr Eweka continued, "after trading virtuals the normal way we do, we suddenly saw a huge sum of Two Million, Five Hundred and Twenty-Two Thousand, Three Hundred and Seventy-Two Naira (₦2,522,372)! We could not believe our eyes! The news of this big jackpot immediately spread around the area. Today it is bringing a lot of customers to my homeland. The winner of the jackpot got all his money cash, and he was very happy"; Mr Eweka also stated.

The happy Tribesman concluded by sharing one of our trade secrets in betBonanza. "Here in Edo state some of the punters are very conservative, They don't like trying new things. They like to wait and see first. But some of them have begun betting with us, and they have seen that there is a big difference between betBonanza and others. A game that you will bet with ₦1,000 that will give you ₦4,000. If you place that same bet on betBonanza, you will get almost ₦8,000 cash on the same bet. So our customers love this. Our Yakata bonus is bigger, so they like it. In my shop now, they believe in the virtuals. They know that it pays winnings very well"; the Tribesman explained.

Truly, we are not resting at all. betBonanza will continue to meet the entertainment needs of our Kinsmen with innovative gaming products that they would not find anywhere in Nigeria. Our watchword is Be Better! That is a standard to which we will not fall short.

Check out the video of our New Season New Millionaire, Mr Ugonna Obialor, who won the sum of ₦3,000,000 last year.

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