How to bet and win at the Casino

2021-01-20 News

Casino is a fun game which when played gives you an illusion of being in Las Vegas because of the sounds, colours and variety of fun games available. It is popularly called ‘Kalo Kalo’ or Slot. On betBonanza’s platform, there are variety of games to play and if you get tired playing one game, you can easily switch or try another game. Simply go to and click on Casino to view the variety of games available.

When playing casino games; there are a few things you need to understand in other to play successfully and target winnings:

1. Every Game has rules governing how bets placed are won and other rules that help punters know how to win. Always look out for the information (i) button for each game and click to view all rules.

2. Don’t know exactly what to play? Filters are available at the top corner of casino games and you can check for hot games, new games, and instant games and so on. You can also see the top winners for the previous day as well as the previous week by the extreme right hand corner; who knows? You might play those games and win!

3. The key to winning on casino is to understand the pay lines, pay tables, bet per line and rules for each pay line & characters.

  • Pay line: This refers to a winning line in which particular characters or symbol must appear in consecutive order on such line to secure a winning. Most pay lines are usually from left to right and pay lines can be vertical, V, U-shaped or in any form. Some games have 5 pay lines, some 20 pay lines and even others 50 lines and above. Once a punter knows the pay lines of a particular game, he can now hope that his characters or symbols appear on those lines to win. In some games, a punter can also select the number of lines he wishes to play but if characters fall on lines which he did not play, he loses. It is advisable to always play on the maximum lines available for a game to increase your chances of winning!






  • Pay table: A pay-table refers to a table that shows how many of each character or symbol needs to appear on a pay line to guarantee a particular amount of winning. The table helps you understand how your winnings were generated and the basis.

  • Bet: This is the amount that is used to play per spin. Bet is the pay line(s) multiplied by amount you wish bet per line. In most games, when you see bet, you can choose to increase or reduce the amount. Bear in mind, reducing the bet amount means you are reducing how much you can possibly win. The higher the bet amount, the higher the winning. In some games, you can reduce the pay line and the amount to bet per line. This is usually done by punters when they do not have much in their account and sometimes, by placing the little they have, they end up winning and accumulating those winnings to become big!

As you use the knowledge above to start playing, you will definitely learn more along the way, what are you waiting for? Start playing now!

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