Key Roulette Terminologies to Make Your Roulette Journey Exquisite

2022-03-24 News

Roulette is a game quite straightforward and easy to understand for newbies. However, just because it is a game of chance doesn’t mean that you can’t be confused or struggle to understand. One of the things most first-time roulette players get confused about is are the terminologies and in this piece, we will be introducing you to a handful of the key terminologies you should know before betting on roulette online.

Inside and Outside Bets

You may believe that inside and outside bets get their name because one gives you an “inside chance” of winning, and the other doesn’t. That’s not true, though. Instead, inside bets get their name because they lay on the “inside section” of the betting table. The outside bets get their name because they lay on the “outside section”. It is as simple as that. Inside bets are those wagers that are less likely to spring up (and thus have the best payouts and an outside chance of success), while outside bets (those such as reds, blacks, etc.) have the best chance or an inside chance of occurring.

The Racetrack

The Racetrack is a circular betting table next to the mainboard. This can be used to place a special selection of bets in European and French Roulette. They allow you to cover the wheel (bet on large portions of the wheel) by placing multiple bets at once.

The Croupier

Generally speaking, the Croupier is the person in charge of the roulette game. Naturally, in RNG (random number generator) games, there is no croupier, with an algorithm taking control of the action. However, in live dealer roulette games, there will be a Croupier who will control the wheel and the game via a video stream.

Immersive, Lightning, European, French, and American

There are lots of “variants” out there. This means to see that there are many different types of roulette games, each with its twists on the reels. The most common are American, European, and French. European and French feature just a single zero, while American Roulette features two. French and European Roulette also features the racetrack. Other types of variants you may come across include Immersive and Lightning live dealer games, Auto Roulette and Multi-Wheel Roulette games, and a handful of high roller roulette games. Immersive Roulette allows you to control the cameras; Lightning features multipliers, while Auto Roulette is played automatically with short window in-between rounds. Multi-Wheel Roulette is self-explanatory, while high roller roulette is a game reserved for big spenders.

La Partage/En Prison

Finally, we want to quickly introduce you to La Partage and En Prison. These are rules within French Roulette that ensure that if you land in the zero, you are given a chance to win back at least half of your bet. These rules don’t cost anything extra and can reduce the house edge to 1.35%, so you should always take advantage of them when you see them.

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