Should Osimhen be Banned?

2024-07-01 News

As a Nigeria football fan everything was going right until the World Cup qualifiers and the Euros started. Don’t worry, you will get the idea of what this is about, but one thing to take home from the whole drama is “maintain steeze, chop money, no stress yourself” 

Starting with the Euros, let’s talk about the “biggest upset in Euros History”
Slovakia a country with less population than Lagos clinched Victory against the mighty Belgium. In case you dont understand how big this upset is, here is a breakdown:

The Belgium team consists of Man City’s & Premier League's best midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, the well-built forward Lukaku, star goalkeeper Courtois, and the skillful Jeremy Doku, to name a few. The Belgium team is ranked 3rd in the world, and yet a team with names you haven’t heard of just beat them. Just like that?

Then we have Osimhen and Finidi George drama. Some people think that Osimhen was wrong for going live on Instagram to talk about it, while some people believe that Finidi should not speak about the players he just started coaching in that way.  Any group you fall under it is clear their steeze don drop small. 

That is why you should just do your thing, and make money with less stress. 

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