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In the world of football, there are moments that take your breath away, leaving fans in awe of the beautiful game. 

A defence-splitting pass from Curtis Jones found Mo Salah on the right, who cut through United's wobbly defence and slipped a fine ball in behind Roberto Firmino, tucking it past Diogo Dalot to make it 7-0. The result left United fans in disbelief, with many wondering if they would ever wake up from the nightmare they had just witnessed.

This incredible scoreline is just one of many that have left fans around the world speechless. From the infamous 1-7 World Cup semi-final drubbing of Brazil by Germany in 2014 to Liverpool's 7-0 thrashing of Manchester United, the beautiful game has produced some truly jaw-dropping results that no one could have predicted.

Here are five jaw-dropping football scorelines you will never believe ever happened:


Antananarivo .S Adema 149-0 Stade Olympique L’Emyrne (2002)

Did you know that there was a football match that holds the Guinness record for the most number of goals in history? It happened on October 31, 2002, in the Madagascar National Football Championship. Stade Olympique L’Emyrne was facing Antananarivo, and they knew that anything other than a win would knock them out of the title race. Unfortunately, Antananarivo was awarded a controversial penalty that they converted, and this decision didn't sit well with the players and management of Stade Olympique L’Emyrne.

They were so upset that they decided to protest by scoring an own goal deliberately. After that, they refused to touch the ball again for the rest of the match, and Adema players were left confused. The match ended with Stade Olympique L’Emyrne scoring 149 own goals, and this remains the highest-scoring game in football history.

As you can imagine, there were consequences for this behavior. The football authorities accused the team's manager, Ratsimandresy Ratsarazaka, of orchestrating the protest from the stands, and he was suspended for three years and banned from visiting stadiums for the same period. Some of the players received suspensions and bans as well, while others received warnings.

It was a pretty crazy incident, and it just goes to show how much passion people have for football!


Plateau United Feeders 79-0 Akurba (2013)

An event that to date remains one horrible scandal that rocked Nigerian football. In Nigeria’s Nationwide League Division third (NLO) qualification play-off round, four teams including Plateau United Feeders, Akubra FC, Police Machine, and Babayaro FC were reported to have been involved in match-fixing scandals. After scoring seven goals against Akurba in the first half, Nigerian club Plateau United Feeders ended up shaking Akurba’s net 72 times after full-time. This unbelievable result left the player on both sides permanently suspended by the Nigerian football federation. Statistically, it is said that Plateau United Feeders scored their second-half goals at a rate of about one every 40 seconds for 45 minutes.


Police Machine 67-0 Babayaro (2013)

Another sham of a football game that took place simultaneously alongside the match between Plateau United Feeders and Akuba in the same NLO playoff division. The event that unfolded saw Police Machine FC score 67 goals against Babayaro FC, 61 of which were allegedly scored in the second half – one which many deems was a response to the scoreline of the Plateau United Feeders vs. Akurba game.

In theory, Plateau United Feeders won promotion to the big leagues having scored 81 goals - in three games. Police Machine ultimately could manage only 69. Plateau United Feeders and Police Machines both won their opening games 2-0, then drew 0-0 when they met in the second round, leaving their chances for promotion to goal difference and this quest for goals they took to an extraordinary height which eventually secured them the obvious –a suspension and a match-fixing investigation.


Australia 31–0 American Samoa (2001)

When it comes to football in Oceania, Australia and New Zealand are considered the cream of the crop. These two teams are the only ones to have won the Oceania Cup and also the only ones to have made it to the World Cup finals. In fact, Australia made it to the finals in 1974 and New Zealand in 1982.
In 2001, Australia faced off against American Samoa, a team that had lost every game they had played since joining FIFA in 1998. Although many predicted a victory for the Socceroos, nobody could have predicted the record-breaking 31-0 win that followed. This victory still stands as the greatest victory in international football history.

At the time of the match, Australia ranked 75th on the FIFA ranking, while American Samoa sat at a lowly 203rd, making the gap between the two teams glaringly apparent. This lack of quality opponents in the Oceanian region prompted Australia to make the move to the Asian Football Confederation in 2006.


Brazil 1-7 Germany (2014)

Do you remember the 2014 World Cup semi-final between Brazil and Germany? It was one of the most talked-about football matches in the history of the tournament. The game took place on July 8 at the Mineirão Stadium in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and it was a disaster for the host nation.

Germany completely dominated the game and scored a whopping five goals in just 29 minutes during the first half. The final score was 7-1 in favor of Germany, making it the highest winning margin in a World Cup semi-final game ever. It was also the worst loss by a host country and the biggest defeat in the history of the Brazilian team.

The Brazilian fans were hoping for a better outcome, even though their star player Neymar Jr. was out due to an injury. It was a humiliating defeat for Brazil, and many fans were left shocked and disappointed. German defender Matt Hummels even revealed that his team took their foot off the pedal in the second half, as they already had such a huge lead.

Overall, it was a memorable game, but for all the wrong reasons.

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