Understanding Combined Bets

2020-11-16 Tutorials

Combined bets are a kind of permutation bets where a punter selects a number of games and expects to win if a minimum number of games are correctly predicted. These games are paired in doubles, trebles, 4 folds and so on. 

Popularly called ‘cutting’ by punters, combined bets guarantees a certain amount of winning even if all the games do not win but a minimum number of games win. 

On betBonanza sports book, the maximum number of games that can be selected to play combined bets is 10. 

For example: A punter selects 7games and wants to play ‘cutting two’, it means he wants at least 5 games to win. Bet amount is placed on 5folds and if eventually 5 games win, punter wins a certain amount of money less than the potential winning but if all 7 games win, he wins the potential winning displayed on the ticket. 

Another example is a punter who selects 8 games and wants to play ‘two to come’, this means the bet amount will be put on ‘doubles’. This punter will win a certain amount less than the potential winning if at least two games win and if all the 8 games win, he wins the potential winning displayed on the ticket. 

With combined bets, the higher the number of games that win, the higher the winning of the punter. Basically, the punter can win less than the potential winning displayed on the ticket if the minimum number selected to come through actually does. 

Typical Example of How Combined Bet is calculated 

In the screenshot below, 5 games are selected and doubles are played which means at least two games must come through for the punter to have a winning. Let us assume, 3 games won; 




From the above scenario, even though the potential winning is ₦585, the punter only won ₦119.21 because only three games won although he only needed two games to win. If four games won, more combinations would have won and the punter would have had more winnings. If all five games had won, the punter would win the potential winnings displayed above. 

The key to winning more on combined bets is to have more winning combinations which means having more games winning on the ticket. 

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