10 Serious Betting Challenges; How to Overcome All

2021-01-07 News

Playing and winning can be so much fun. Especially when you are playing with a friendly bookmaker is also a spoiler, giving you all the sweet actions to throw a wager on. You never want it to end especially when the actions just get sweeter and the odds are with you. Then suddenly the entire story changes and you can’t seem to figure out where you missed it really. Heads up. If you haven’t been paying enough attention then you want to for the first time to figure-out these top 10 serious betting challenges and how to overcome all. Let’s dive in and out in about 15 minutes.

Betting against the spread every time

Your bettor guru who is crushing it big time will mostly tell you to stake against the spread points when the possibilities are high. Especially for when you’re betting on a big team over an underdog. Quite alright spread point betting is one of the biggest strategies today. But even when you’re certain of winning you should never stake against the spread all the time as your guru advises. If you haven’t been unlucky then you don’t want to get a bad beat. There are cases of the underdogs beating the big players and you’d blow it all if you’d went massive points above the spread. Way out? Keep the limits. If you’ll ever wager against the spread, let the line you draw beyond the spread be thin. That way you have fewer chances of losing and even if you do you lose less. In other words, never go all in.

Expecting to win through the backdoor

Starting-out as a beginner bettor you’re most likely to consider betting as a game of luck. But it isn’t. Strategizing and analysis are a big factor in making the most out of a wager. This way you escape betting blindly with the expectation of winning through the backdoor. The first thing you want to do is decide on the kind of game you want to go into. This decision must be guided by how far you know the game. If you had a thing with football and a follow-up on the sport then you want to quit the casino which you know virtually nothing about. Although casinos may be high-paying you have a better fighting position with the game that you know.

Emotion kicking in

The greatest mistake you could ever make is letting emotion creep into your decision-making factors. This is the plague of most sports bettors. You have your team playing against a bigger team. You couldn’t just think straight because, of course, it’s your team playing and hence the call for being patriotic. You throw in all the action and in the end lose a big time. Another way emotion can kick into your decision is drawn upon betting against a team that you’re never going to like. Even when your instincts say otherwise. Solution? Bet only when emotionally-neutral. You’re welcome.

Betting after loss

The need to make up for a previous loss is always desire-triggered. A bitter pill to digest but you need it. But how about when it’s impossible to let go of a loss and sit back to let the heat beat down? It’s never impossible, except you’re betting with the wrong money which you have to pay back immediately. Even then sitting back and re-strategizing your games and moves is needed to get off the hook. The more you play to make-up for a loss the more you lose. Sorry, not sorry.

Betting with the wrong mindset

Do you often have a bad feeling about a game and when you play it you end up flushing money down the toilet? Great, the next game is on the board soon and with that mindset, you’re getting a bad beat again. The thing is even when you’re the “smart guy” with a trusted insider your intuition comes first. Intuition is your little god of the game, go against it at your own risk. Duh... For the time your strategies look promising and your insider says to stick to it you may just have to get a change of mindset. A change of mindset or not playing, those are the choices you’ve got to make.

Jumping on the bandwagon

Ah… everybody seems to be playing it this way and as the saying goes “majority never go wrong”. Sorry not here. The majority does go wrong and it does heartbreakingly. What to do? Consider all the possibilities. Analyze the odds. Draw out a strategy. Sit back and go over again. Here’s an example. I’d never bet against Juventus FC in a match with Manchester United if all the MUFC small players are playing against Juventus’ best 11. Get the idea? Great.

Doing it for the grind

You’ve got to make that money tonight… in Robi Rob’s ClubWorld voice. Yes, you’re placing the wagers to make money but it gets tiring with that kind of mindset. I mean it’s all work and no play when you’re betting to make money. The pressure and all that unbalance in the mind makes you even emotional. (Scroll back to the 3rd header to see what happens when you let emotion kick in.). This is the most common among the 10 serious betting challenges but this is how to overcome it. Relax a bit and bet at leisure. Never bet with the wrong money. If you are into football betting, see more highlights than live football matches. Read sports newspapers for relaxation. And oh take breaks not to bet all the time.

Stick to the best Bookmaker

As important as making the right betting strategy is, choosing the best bookmaker and sticking to them saves you troubles. And if you’d decide by the tips shared by Bigonsports in their “10 amazing tips to choose an online bookmaker” you’d go for betBonanza. We offer a competitive minimum deposit, extra betting options on a safe, fast, and intuitive betting platform.

Wanting to be 100% sure

No perfectionist is ever going to be a successful online bettor. Since betting is largely built upon probabilities and odds (just like trading is) you can never be 100% sure of winning. But while that may be true, checking the possibilities and securing a percentage above 50% gives you something to stand on.

Turning back on the stats

What sets your gurus apart from you is laziness. So who’s the lazy bettor here? You guess right and it’s time to bring your bettor genius to life. How? Reading the statistics, studying and analyzing them. The more you study the stats the bigger the picture gets and the less you bet with the guess-work plan. But again to make the statistics work for you working with them must spark an interest in you. Remember betting should never be hard work.

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