3 ways to 'yeye' your village people this January

2021-01-04 News

Hello People! Happy New Year! Trust you're all doing well. The celebrations and jollifications of 2021 is fast coming to end. It's now time to hit the ground running and recover your December spendings. Some people have said the month of January has up to 50 days, the days and weeks seem much longer, and the month would just refuse to end. Well, if you stick with what we are about to show you, God no go shame you, and even your village people no go see you :).

As usual, the betBonanza Tribe knew you were going to spend a lot in  December and we prepared an easy way for you to recoup your spendings if you are interested. No long stories. Check out the offers below. 

1. Play the Sports Madness

If you party with us this January, you can be going to the bank every weekend. It's simple. We figured out that the Sports world will be electric this January! From the Australian Open to the FA Cup, the Dakar Rally, plus the contest in the top leagues in Europe. So we’re on a Bonus Reward spree every week. We will be giving out a torrent of bonuses every Monday as you play with betBonanza! All you need to do is, bet on Sports with odds of 1.50 or more, on singles or multiples, and you will get a taste of our madness! You could scoop up to ₦12,500 worth of bonus every 7 days! Play Sports Madness now.

2. Become a Tribesman

You also have a glorious opportunity of joining the betBonanza Tribe. You can start making money this January if you join now. You will open up a shop and run your own business with our brand. We will give you up to 12 different bonuses and commissions, including regular online player bonuses, fuel refund, porting bonus, and more. Learn more about your benefits here.

3. Play Wolf Gold, Hot Spin, and Book of Santa

Even if you cannot become a Tribesman immediately, no worries, we still got you covered. You can get some showers of blessings from the Casino and scoop something good for yourself. These 3 games are spinning out cash right now in the casino. So if you want something quick and fast, you can play Wolf Gold, Hot Spin, and Book of SantaYou can latch onto any of them right now and win real good for yourself. 

So there you have it, 3 simple ways to triumph over all the plans of your village people and make money into 2021! Get on board now and enjoy all the way.

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