2 ways to make money from online players every week

2021-05-14 News

Hello, our Kinsmen!

We hope your trading is going smoothly as usual. Today we will reveal to you a secret goldmine. The advice we about to give you can 'boost' your financial fortunes. In fact, our research has shown that Tribesmen who utilize this secret, earn way than others who do not.

This goldmine is the Online Player. Agents who have good active online players earn more than just the normal commissions and bonuses on products, through our super Online Player Commissions. Through the Admin account, all Tribesmen can register new online customers and make money as long as those customers remain with betBonanza.

There are two ways this works. You can earn the Instant Online Deposit Commission and Monthly Online Player Commission if:

- You have online customers under your network or

- If you fund any online customer (registered through our online website under your network or another agent’s network).

Instant Online Deposit Commission

This commission is equivalent to 1% of any amount funded to the online player. It is credited instantly to an agent or cashier’s account when an agent or cashier funds any online player whether such online player is registered under the agent’s network or not. 

Monthly Online Player Commission

This commission is paid every month and is accrued from all the online players registered under an agent. It is calculated as 20% of Net Profit (Stakes minus Pay minus out minus Deposit Bonus minus Free Bets)

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