5 features that make our virtuals better

2021-05-19 News

Virtual betting is super!

Do you know why?

Let's tell you. You are not restricted to the 90 minutes of normal games, you are free to choose whichever teams or sports you want, you can also choose to play at any time of the day, you can play a lot more match types than on real life sports. In many ways, virtual betting just seems better.

But with betBonanza, we got more than these. There are several exciting benefits that you could enjoy with our virtuals. Today we will look at some features that make our Virtuals better.

1. You can stake up to N30,000 - Yes, you heard it. On betBonanza Virtuals, you can stake up to N30,000, and win up to N1,000,000 (One Million Naira). 

2. You can stake as low as N50Yes you can! With this Tribe, not having enough money is not an excuse for not betting and winning on our virtuals. You can bet with as low as N50.

3. Virtual Jackpot When you bet with us, you stand a chance of winning our Gold Virtual Jackpot! Every now and then, this jackpot tends to drop. You can be the lucky winner next time if you play with us.

4. Cashiers can cancel games when an error occurs before the events start - This is also an added advantage when you bet with us. Perhaps you change your mind about a game at the last minute, our the cashier can still help you replace the game in time before the match starts.

5. You got Variety - Variety they say is the spice of life. On our online platform, you have 7 different ways of winning: Football League, Turbo Football, Greyhounds, Super 6, Colour-Colour, Spin&Win, and Keno. At our shops, you have EPL, LaLiga, Serie A, Color-Color & Super 6. Both online and at our shops you got variety, so make your pick, play, and win.

With these 5 benefits, we are sure that your virtual betting experience will be better.

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