3 facts you never knew about Man United vs Leeds match

2021-04-23 News

One of English football’s most intense rivalries will take place this Sunday. Just 40 miles apart the rivalry between Manchester and Leeds dates back hundreds of years. It has not just taken place on the football field, on the streets, and on social media recently. But at this moment, the Red Devils are cruising at the moment, winning game after game., and for a moment, some people think Man United still got a chance of fighting for the league title to the last minute. But the Busby Babes face a stiff test this Sunday in the city of Leeds. Leeds United recently humbled Manchester City, and now aim to do the same to Man United.

  • Man United snatched some of the best players of Leeds

Imagine you had a friend that promised to be with you and then when you had a difficult time they abandoned you. How would you feel? Well, that was what Leeds players have been doing to the club since the 1990s. In 1992, Leeds was led to the title, ahead of United by 4 points, thanks to players like Eric Cantona. But to the surprise of Leeds fans, Cantona was sold to their arch-enemy Man United after the season. After the 2002 World Cup, Leeds were in a deep financial mess and were looking to sell off players to stay afloat. Man United was on hand to wave cash at Leeds wonders. The Red Devils targeted a player who was arguably the best young defender in the world at the time, Rio Ferdinand. Ferdinand moved to United in a world-record deal. It still hurts Leeds fans to know that the sworn enemy got their best player, even though the club had no real choice but to sell. Also, in the Summer of 2004, Alan Smith shocked the Leeds fans after their relegation by transferring to their worst enemy, Man United. For this, he was christened  "Judas". His actions were made particularly hard for the fans to take as Smith had been noted for kissing the club badge on his Leeds shirt and he had said that he would stay with the club even if they went down. The Mancunians of course embraced Alan Smith and soon became their favourite. Leeds fans have never forgiven United for these acts to this day.

  • United’s title ‘dreams’ will be shattered if they don’t beat Leeds

Yes, we all knew it was and could still end up as a mere dream after all, but some Carrington faithful are still secretly nurturing the possibility of a late title showdown with City who has lost to both Leeds and United in recent times. That anticipated showdown may not see the light of the day if United does not pick up 3 points from Leeds on Sunday. The Red Devils are 2nd on the table with 66 points, 11 points behind City with 77 points. With just 6 matches left to play this season, United must beat Leeds to increase their chances as they will face tough opponents like Leicester, Liverpool, Aston Villa, and Wolves in the coming weeks. For die-hard United fans, there is a lot at stake. Little wonder why leading Bookies betBonanza have predicted a 50% chance for Man United to beat Leeds.

  • Man United to Win has been Boosted!

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