How to regain old or lost customers

2021-04-20 News

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To succeed in this business, you must not only get new customers, you must also know how to retain them, and get them to keep patronizing you. A lot of Agents out there lose their customers after just a few days or weeks of patronage. We found out that they don't even know what to do to get them back. 

Today we will share with you a few secrets to get all your old customers or lost customers. 


Know Your Customers and have a database: It is very important for you as an Agent to know your customers and also have a database of their contact information. If you do, you will notice their absence when they are no longer patronizing your shop. If you know their address, visit them or send someone to check on them.  If not, give them a call or send them a message to find out how they are not necessarily why they have not been coming to your shop. That way, they feel valued and come back to patronize you.

Know Why they Left: Customers are bound to come and go, however when you notice the absence of some of your erstwhile loyal customers, try as much as possible to properly inquire about why they left. If it is as a result of a misunderstanding with your cashiers or another customer, find a way to quickly resolve this between both parties. If it is as a result of the unavailability of a feature/functionality on our platform, let them know that their concerns will be forwarded to the Management of the company. Also, inform them as soon as changes have been made.Update them on New Promos and Updates: Whenever there is a new update or additional promotional benefit or functionality introduced by BetBonanza, inform them about it. Whether they are existing or old customers who no longer patronize your shop, put them in the know about new updates as this may bring some of your old customers back

Run Targeted Shop Promos to attract them: Run promos in your shop from time to time. Every customer loves freebies. These promos can be run with minimal amounts. With as low as N2, 000, you can successfully run a promo in your shop. For instance, free bets on losing tickets only. Other Incentives that can also motivate them includes occasional free drinks.  

Apologize when there are Misunderstandings: Misunderstandings are bound to happen from time-to-time, however try as much as possible to ensure this does not extend for a long period of time. During the time of the misunderstanding, try not to argue with the customer, let him air his views before you respond to him. Avoid shouting and cursing him out. Try and resolve conflicts amicably whether between you and the customer or between your cashiers and customers.

With these points, you are sure to get all your old customers back and get some new customers too. We want you to succeed and we will always help you to do so. 

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will provide you with a helpful answer.




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