5 mistakes most online sports bettors make

2019-11-05 News

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Welcome to this week's tips. Usually, there are some mistakes that amateur bettors make. For this reason, we compiled a list of the dos and don’ts of sports betting. However, there are some mistakes that even experienced bettors make. You need to identify them and try not to make them

Choosing the wrong bookmaker

This is the most common mistake sports bettors make. Do you know that not every bookmaker is the same? Some reduce their odds to affect your winnings. Some take ages to cash in and cash out. Some even promise to give odds and don't. These kinds of betting sites are not interested in your profits. The worst mistake you can make as a bettor is to patronize such sites. The first thing you should do before anything is to choose the best betting site.

betBonanza is Nigeria’s number one betting site for many reasons. The primary reason, however, is that we want you to win. Imagine a betting site that makes it easy for you to win by giving great opportunities and even going a step further by making it easy to take out your hard-earned money. betBonanza is the dream of all bettors. On betBonanza, we give you access to high odd games in a wide array of sports. If you are partial to football, there are games from hundreds of countries in many leagues around the world. These games have high odds.

Apart from sports betting, you can move on to the live casino where you can stake money on games. betBonanza has the largest online casino in Nigeria. Apart from that, betBonanza makes it easy for you to cash in and cash out. You can even cash out before all the games on your ticket have been played to avoid ticket cutting. Cashing out does not take ages and you can pay in with just the single click of a button.

On betBonanza, you have access to various promotions and offers. These offers are nice ways for you to win a great amount from small stakes and in some cases, from nothing! betBonanza also offers virtual and live games round the clock. If you do not have a betBonanza account you are limiting yourself.

Taking too high risks

Another mistake bettors make is taking too high risks. This can come in many ways. When a team has won their last five games and has been in excellent form, it gives them a higher chance of winning the next game. However, that doesn’t make it sure. There are some constants in some sports bets. For example, if for instance, Barcelona has been unbeaten at Camp Nou. For this reason, even if Real Madrid has been winning the past five matches they played, it is not very wise to claim that they will beat Barcelona in Camp Nou. At best, you can give them a draw. However, when a match like that comes up and the odds for Real Madrid to win are high, some people would like to carry them to win because of their past record. Not only that, they will stake large amounts on it. That is a high risk which is likely to end badly.

Another example of high risk is staking high amounts of odds that are not sure. Imagine staking five-hundred thousand Naira simply because the match offers two odds. Please be guided when taking risks. Remember to treat it like a business. Do not take any risk that is too high.

Taking too low risks

Sports’ betting is not for the faint-hearted. If you want to make money, you have to be ready to lose it all. Sometimes out of fear, we end up staking less than we should and regretting when the ticket enters. If you want to make money from sports betting, be ready to take risks. The most important thing to do is to carry out research. Once this research is carried out properly, you should have enough faith in yourself to stake a sensible amount.

Do you know it is much easier to win with a stake of ₦500 on two odds for a ticket with one game, than with a stake of ₦150 on a hundred odds in multiple games?

₦50 on one hundred and fifty odds is N7,500. However, ₦200 on one hundred and fifty odds is ₦30,000 Naira. The difference is clear.

Do not be too scared to bet sizeable amounts or else you will find that you are limiting yourself. Adding an extra hundred Naira to your stake might make the main difference.

Not doing enough research about the types of betting

This should go without saying. For this reason, betBonanza graciously updates the betBonanza Blog frequently with tips to help you improve your betting skills. Ensure that you know about the various types of betting. For example, you should know about 1x2 bets. It involves predicting who will win or predicting a draw.

1 indicates that the home team listed will win. X indicates that no team will win and it will end up in a tie. 2 indicates that the away team will win. It is a simple and straight forward bet.

You should also know about double chance bets which involve picking two of the three possible outcomes in a bet which ‘win, draw, lose’. You should also know about under/over goals/points. They involve betting on the total number of goals to come from a match irrespective of the team. You can choose a number of goals and bet that the total number of goals that will be scored in a match will not reach or will exceed it.

Handicaps are another type you should know about. They simply mean giving the team you feel is weaker goals ahead. If you feel a team will definitely lose, you can give them a handicap.

There is also draw no bet which simply means that you are excluding the option of draw from a bet. It means you cannot bet on a draw but have to bet on either team to win.

Lastly, there is draw no bet which simply means that you are excluding the option of draw from a bet. It means you cannot bet on a draw but have to bet on either team to win.

Ignoring promotions and online casinos

Lastly, do not sleep on promotions. They are great ways to make money. In addition, the casino games are new ways and exciting ways to offer promotions.

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