Why you should become a betBonanza Agent today

2019-11-12 News

"To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.”  - Benjamin Franklin

Have you heard of betBonanza?

Well, betBonanza is fast becoming the toast of bettors in Nigeria. This is not just a hype. Below, we will go through some of its offers and see for ourselves.

On betBonanza, you can be assured of a 100% sign up bonus. This means that you get up to 100% on the first amount you put into your betBonanza wallet. This offer is valid as long as the amount does not exceed one hundred thousand Naira [100,000]. Also, betBonanza has a unique 200% bonus on top of combo winnings. If you make 5 or more selections you can enjoy Yakata Bonus and win up to an extra 200% bonus. It is really that simple. In addition, using betBonanza gives you access to a lot of freebies and promotions offered on the site. betBonanza has regular and frequent promotions and offers up for grabs. If your tastes broaden to Virtual Gaming, you will be pleased to note that the betbonanza.com offers virtual games round the clock. A glance at the virtual gaming room gives just a hint at what it offers. At any given time, virtual games with high odds are running. betBonanza.com understands your need for speed. Crediting your betting account takes just a few seconds. This site is designed to ensure that you encounter little to no problems when you want to credit your account. Similarly, cashing out is a piece of cake. Apart from speedy cash-outs, you also have the option to collect your winnings without waiting for your games to end. With a single click, you can cash out instantly on betbonanza.com. With one click of a button, your winnings can be transferred to your account to enable you to enjoy your big bonanzas. Most importantly, on this betting site, you can choose to either cash out on singles or on multiples. betBonanza's services are really interesting, and you would love them.

Great you may say. But there is much more. 

Do you know you can become a betBonanza Agent today? 

betBonanza is a great place for people looking to get into a real business and make cool money. As an Agent, you stand a chance to make money every time betBonanza makes money. But wait until you hear about the offers for agents.

Who is a betBonanza Agent?

As a betBonanza Agent, you manage a place where people can place bets on betBonanza. In turn, you get commissions, bonuses, and other great support as you make money. It is quite simple, really.

What do I need to become a betBonanza Agent?

To become a betBonanza agent, you simply need two things;

1. A suitable premise, and

2. You need to register.

You need suitable premises where the betting shop can be situated. Then you need to register to become an Agent. When you do that, you will then need to make a deposit to your trading account. We will give the needed training and materials to get your shop running.

Benefits of being a betBonanza Agent

As a betBonanza Agent, you get a commission based on your sales. Each time you print a bet for someone, you earn a cut from it. You will receive free training. In the training session, you will be taught how to handle the business so as to make profits. The training is important so you will know the dos and don'ts of the whole business. In addition, you will also receive free marketing materials with which you can use to promote your business.

You get a commission based on your sales

At betBonanza, we want you to make money and we will make sure that you are well equipped to do so; profit for us always means profit for you. You will also receive free equipment to set up shop and run your business. You will be linked to a Super Agent/Area Manager who will be available on call in case you have any issues. You will also be able to give your clients access to Livescore, great prediction information, and prediction tips.

How much can you earn with betBonanza?

With betBonanza, you can earn up to 30% bonus on Sports sales. Plus plenty more on Virtuals,  and Casino. In addition, you will gain access to a very friendly and generous bonus scheme.

But let's hear from the Head of Training, betBonanza, as he explains how agents are making millions of naira from bonuses and commissions:

How do I apply to become an Agent?

First, you will need to fill in your first name and last name. Note that it must be the same name you used to register your bank account. Failure to comply will allow complications to arise. You will then enter the day, month, and year of your birth. After that, you enter your sex; male or female. You will also be required to give your phone number and email. After that, you will need to put in your shop address. You must put in the right address so that if any inspections need to be made, betBonanza can find the place easily. You will give the address of the place as well as the State and Local Government Area it is located in. You may also give any additional descriptions to make it easy to find. When you've done these, betBonanza will contact you directly to guide you forth.

Who is a betBonanza Affiliate?

A betBonanza Affiliate is our business partner, who basically gives people the opportunity to bet with betBonanza and in turn, they get a share of our net revenue.

Some benefits to be gained include: 

  • Free material
  • Free equipment
  • Stress-free registration
  • Free training
  • You make money on each bet placed through you

At betBonanza, we offer you a great way to earn money as an agent. However, note that as a betBonanza agent, you cannot operate as another bookmaker’s agent in your shop. If you have not registered with any other betting company before, now is your time to start.

Become a betBonanza Affiliate today and earn great amounts of money. If you have any questions you can email betBonanza at [email protected]. You can also call us on 016317777. If you have any questions, you could alternatively click on this link to live chat with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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