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2019-11-13 News

Friday 8th November 2019 will be a day to remember for members of DigifyPro Nigeria supported by Facebook cohort 5.0, as they had a thrilling experience at the fabulous betBonanza office complex. Sponsored by global tech giant Facebook, the team had nominated betBonanza from a variety of brands, and had set out to do some research and pitch their findings to betBonanza. They had gone out to the streets for a survey. They had done an online poll. They had read several materials, they had spoken to strangers, they had poured hours into preparing their presentation, and now the hour had come to show it forth. Pitch it ! Right before our MDs, and other senior executives.

Led by the trio of Seyi Omotunde, Lead Trainer DigifyPro; Joshua Theophilus, Trainer 2 DigifyPro; and Chukwuebuka Aneke, Project Assistant; the team stormed our premises around mid-day. They were warmly received by the Head Customer Acquisition, George Mbam, and introduced to the different departments and units of what is a very busy office complex. Divided into 4 groups, they took turns in sharing their eye-opening ideas in front of an intimidating panel which included our MD, Online, Ilze Jansone; MD, Retail, Adekunle Adeniji; Chief Financial Officer, Kehinde Olaleye-Akib; Head of Online Operations, Gatis Licitis; Head of Human Resources, Edith Uzoma, and more. But in the end, they left us impressed.

We saw an in-depth and captivating expose of the facts and trends about our industry. The team pitched several interesting and viable business ideas towards facilitating more market penetration by betBonanza. Their presentations were absolutely phenomenal, to say the least.

Thereafter, they had a guided tour of the betBonanza facility, meeting, greeting, and doing some cool photo ops in the process, and you can imagine the joy... 

"It has been a great experience getting the cohort prepared, and coming in to get a first-hand experience of the operations of betBonanza. I have to say that we admire the open door policy you have in here and the wonderful work culture. We are grateful to staff and management of betBonanza for making this happen for us. Digifypro by Facebook says thank you.", Mrs Florence Atunwa Olumodimu, Program Director said.

Catch up with all the fun and visuals from the event 

Disruptive ideas have been the building blocks of betBonanza. And we will not stop now. We are always open to fresh ideas; and after we test them, we hit the market. We are aiming for perfection, and excellence is just going to be our starting point.

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