5 ways betBonanza is changing the face of betting in Nigeria

2020-01-29 News

Betting is changing pretty fast these days. New technologies have turned around the game and the industry now moves on the heels of technology. Once, it was only possible to bet at a shop or outlet, then it became possible to bet online, now it is possible to bet both online and at a shop; and the change continues.

Soon, people will be able to do a lot of things from their betting account like buy goods and services, get loans, trade, save money, and more. You may say that is far away in the future. Yes, it is but as we go on it's going to look a lot real. 

Who would have thought that we would be talking about flying electric cars in 2020? But it is now a normal phenomenon and it will soon be launched on a commercial scale.

In Nigeria, betBonanza is a brand that is leading the way into the future. We are taking aggressive steps to make sure Nigerians enjoy the best gaming of the future.

We want to become the best-loved betting company in Nigeria. By best-loved, we mean: innovative, delivering a standout product and service offering for our customers, ensuring that we are always the first choice brand.

Recently, we met with some of our Chiefs (Super Agents) to launch the new phase of betting in our Tribe. During the exciting and lively discussions that took place, we saw a great opportunity to redefine what we now understand as betting in Nigeria. We believe we can positively transform the betting landscape in Nigeria.

Below, we will now tell you about 5 innovations through which we are redefining what betting means in Nigeria and Africa.

1. We are transforming omnichannel betting

Our model is one that functions both online and in-shop. For now, we are prioritizing our in-shop operations. We are focused on expanding and opening new shops in all cities in Nigeria, while also expanding existing shops aggressively. Our Agents testify that our offers are one of the best in the market, if not the very best.

But we are not resting on our oars. We are also growing our direct online customer base. In what is the first of its kind in Nigeria, and indeed Africa, our punters can fund their accounts at any betting shop, irrespective of where they opened their account.

2. We are revolutionizing Agent bonus and commissions 

We have several different but juicy bonuses and commissions. An active Agent at a given time can have multiple streams of income with us.

- He can have the normal trading bonuses from the different products, which are mostly based on sales;

- He can also get a Porting Bonus for 3 consecutive months if he is coming from another betting company;

- He can get the cost of fueling his generator refunded every week if he meets his targets

- He can also have a bonus/commission on a registered online player that deposit;

- Plus, he makes gains when the company makes a profit from a registered online player; 

- He can also have a ₦5,000 cash gift if he refers another Agent to the Tribe;

- He will also get a prize if he wins the Agent of the month award; and many more.

To make it better, we are super transparent and fair. An Agent can see how all transactions are calculated. There is a constant formula, and there are no sudden changes. This is why our Agents are always motivated to trade and end up being so successful in business.

3. We are creating jobs

We have created over 100 direct and indirect new jobs in just over 6 months of launching. And we are still creating more and more every day. We have an internal procedure that ensures that all who join the betBonanza Tribe, know our mission, vision, and values. Our people believe in what we believe and are actually focused on reaching our ambitious targets which we have set. We hope to create hundreds of more jobs in the coming months.

4. We are building a Tribe (The betBonanza Tribe)

We are completely turning the business of betting on its head. For us, it's not just business, as usual, it is the dawn of a new era. The creation of a community of people that believe in making the world a better place, irrespective of tribe, religion, financial status, occupation, etc. We believe in the community where everyone is happy. We are inspiring a culture where individuals and businesses keep getting better.

We are not just doing business, we are raising people. The betBonanza Tribe is made up of Clans (A region, state, city, area, etc.), Chiefs (Super Agents), and Tribesmen and Kinsmen( Agents and Punters). Read this piece to understand the betBonanza Tribe better. 

5. We have made the odds in favour of the Punter

We have given the punter a lot of opportunities to win and get better. Every month we launch at least two fresh promotions for our punters: one for Sports, one for Casino, and sometimes one for Agents too. They can make some extra winnings if they know how to maximise them. 

Our punters also get up to 40% extra bonus on Virtual Football selections. They can also enjoy Yakata bonus on sports from just 5 selections and up to 50 selections, with up to 200% bonus up for grabs. Not to forget the regular Virtual Jackpots dropping here and there per time.

So, how do you join the Tribe?

You can be part of the Tribe as an Agent (Tribesman) or as a Punter (Kinsman). But whether you join as Tribesman or as a Kinsman, you are sure to make some money and become better a person. So go ahead and sign up, to kick off your journey to the future.

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