How betBonanza is becoming the best-loved gaming company in Africa

2020-01-30 News

It is the dawn of a new era for sports betting in Nigeria. The Punter, the Agent, and the  Bookmaker have found a common ground, where everyone can be a winner. The business of gambling and betting in Nigeria is being turned around 360°° and a new world is being created. It's not business as usual, it is the dawn of a new era.

The betBonanza Tribe

The betBonanza Tribe refers to the special group of people who have come together regardless of ethnicity, religion, occupation, financial status, location, gender, etc; to become better persons for themselves, their families, the environment, and the society. The betBonanza Tribe is the home of all who want to push themselves, raise their game, become better from day-to-day. We are inspiring a culture where individuals and businesses keep getting better, stronger, happier, and wealthier. 

We have adapted and remade ourselves to meet the demands of the future. The betBonanza Tribe is small enough to receive you and big enough to lift you up and make you a better person. We will explain how this Tribe is designed and how it functions.

Who is a Kinsman?

A kinsman is a Punter with betBonanza. In order words, if you have ever placed a bet with betBonanza, you are a Kinsman. A kinsman is recognized as a key part of the Tribe. He or she is a testimony to the transparency, fairness, and efficient service of the Tribe. A true kinsman never fails to bet with betBonanza at least once every day. He sees the platform as more than just a betting platform, but a home. He breathes and lives betBonanza, and he always gets rewarded, and never fails to win big, and become a millionaire.

Become a Kinsman now by signing up, and placing a bet:

The Homeland

The Homeland is an actively trading betBonanza shop. It is the smallest unit of the Tribe. The homeland is the closest visible unit of betBonanza to the Kinsman. We are fast opening Homelands in major cities across Nigeria. Every Kinsman can quickly locate a homeland and place a stake on their favourite game. We always advise Kinsmen to have a dedicated Homeland, where they can abide and enjoy the special benefits and rewards that only exist there. So even if you have an online account, you need to have a homeland that you can identify with. 

Who is a Tribesman?
A Tribesman is an actively trading Agent with betBonanza. A Tribesman manages a Homeland. Every Tribesman has gone through the necessary training and orientation. He or she believes in the mission and vision of the Tribe and is prepared to promote and defend the interests of the Tribe wherever they find themselves. For the Tribesman it is more than just making money. It is hope and faith in a great future that has a deeper meaning in the lives of their friends, families, and society. The goal of every Tribesman is to get more and more committed and consistent Kinsmen who will be loyal to the Homeland and the Tribe.

Become a Tribesman now by signing up to open a Homeland.

The Clan

A Clan is made up of Kinsmen, Homelands, and Tribesmen. The Clan is a region, city, state or area under which an Agent. A Clan is made up of different Tribesmen (Agents). It consists of a group of actively trading betBonanza Agents. The main goal of the Clan is growth, multiplication, and expansion. So get ready because a Clan may already be at your doorstep.

Who is a Chief?
A Chief is a Super Agent in betBonanza who heads a Clan. He leads a group of Tribesmen (Agents) in the Clan.

Our Chiefs have:

• Led by example

• Been supportive and dependable

• Been an Ambassador of the Tribe

• Shown good management

• Been accountable

• Been committed to the growth of the Tribe

So with all these said, let's break it down and give you an example:
Mike is a Chief (Super Agent), in the betBonanza Tribe. He oversees Abuja Clan, where he has 20 Tribesmen (Agents), with 52 Homelands, who welcome over 500 kinsmen every week. He aims to become a Master Agent next year. 

We have a Dream!  

We have big dreams. We want to become the best-loved betting & gaming company in Africa. And we are doing this by always coming up with new things. We keep every word we say so that there can be trust in the Tribe. We've got nothing to hide; therefore we are open with our partners and give them a great chance to be better. We work hard every day to provide a service that is entertaining, rewarding and one that exceeds the accepted expectations. We always aim to be better today, than we were yesterday. This is a goal that we all aspire to.


Take the betBonanza Pledge now!
I _______________________, a ____________with betBonanza, hereby pledge to be faithful and committed to the growth of the Tribe at all times. To lead by example, be supportive and dependable. Be an Ambassador of the Tribe anywhere I find myself. So help me God.  


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