6 traits that successful sports bettors share

2019-10-04 News

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Do you know that betting requires calculation and a high level of mental reasoning and knowledge? If you hear about or meet people who have made it big from sports betting, always know that it is not by magic. The difference between a lucky bettor and a successful one lies in consistency. By consistent practice you too can become successful too.

We did a study of top and consistent bettors in order to discover their secrets, and what they have in common. Our study exposed 6 common traits that bettors share. We are now going to reveal them to you. Are you ready? Let's get down!

Trait 1: Expert money management

Money management is such a broad topic that so many people never really understand it. However, successful bettors do not have the option of slacking on this particular area. If you cannot manage money, you cannot be successful at any business venture which involves money. An example of a lack of money management skills is reckless staking. Some bettors stake a high amount of money when they think they are on a winning streak. Some stake higher amounts when they’ve lost massively and decide to go in for all or nothing. The fact is that just as there is no such thing as luck when it comes to betting, there should be no decision based on the success or failure of previous activities. Betting is all about the sport and the performances of the people who play these sports. It is not about how lucky you have been lately, or about how you just have to go in for ‘all or nothing' because you are losing. Do not place any importance on your perceived winning or losing streak. Truly successful bettors are experts on money management because they understand that their wins depend on how well they are able to allocate their money to the best games, and not just on themselves.

Trait 2: Ability to separate business from emotions

All successful bettors draw a clear line between business and emotions. Most everyday bettors never get past this. As a football fan, it is fine to support a club that hasn’t won a single match both away and home in months. What is not okay is to bet on that club to win their next away match. While we are not going to start explaining how the bond between a fan and their favorite sports team is formed. It is quite deep. We tend to attach our loyalties to sports teams despite their flaws or losses. All that, however, is part of the fun of sports and supporting your team, but it should not ever be part of betting. If you cannot make logical decisions based on facts and not emotions, you will never be a big shot bettor. This is why some successful bettors do not stake on their teams. However, the most successful of them stake intelligently on their teams. As they support a particular club, they know much more about the particular club than any other club. They know how their club will perform in certain environments and with certain players in the lineup or outside the lineup. They even know their average performances in the 12 months of the year. And because they are intelligent, they use that knowledge to their advantage and stake informed and sensible bets.

Trait 3: Appreciation of mathematics

Betting is the world of odds. Venturing into this world means that you must be accompanied with suitable abilities to add, subtract, divide, and multiply these numbers. It doesn’t mean you have to like mathematics, you just have to understand and appreciate how the calculations are made. If you cannot mentally calculate these odds, you are not likely to be successful. Your success as a bettor largely depends on your ability to calculate approximate and make decisions based on correct calculations. Understanding how odds pile up and how they can be used to your aid is extremely important. All the successful bettors we studied did not need too much time to be able to give the average profit that would be made on a bet if a particular stake was placed on it. Of course, this is a skill that can be gained from multiple years in the craft.

Trait 4: Take risks

One unsurprising trait that all successful bettors share is risk-taking. Risk-taking shows itself in the willingness to place sizeable stakes on bets made from logical decisions. However, there is a catch in this trait. All bettors make ‘logical decisions’. Too many amateur bettors realize that risks need to be taken but they do not realize that before you take a risk, you should do as much as you can to ensure that it is not a risk. This means that whatever you are putting your money in should be as feasible as it possibly can be. Unfortunately, too many inexperienced bettors do not know this. If you want to succeed big time in betting, you have to realize that you no longer have the luxury to make unguided decisions. Every decision you make must be made after a lot of consideration.

Trait 5: Know when to pause

Successful bettors know when to pause. Sports’ betting was not meant to be a source of livelihood. It is meant for entertainment and recreation. However, some people have gotten really good at it and use that to their advantage. That is smart. But successful bettors know that it is expedient that they have another source of income. Too many persons have jumped fully onto the betting train without having any other backups. Putting all of one’s eggs into a single basket-especially a shaky basketis not wise. Have a fixed amount that you will spend on betting weekly or monthly and do not exceed that. Betting can become an unhealthy addiction if you do not know when tom pause.

Trait 6: Well Informed self-analysis

The last trait on our list that big-shot bettors share is a well-informed analysis. After every win or loss, successful bettors always analyze their wins and losses. From their self-analysis, they know what to repeat and what not to repeat. Through this method, they are able to teach themselves successfully as they are learning from their own choices and the outcome.
If you want to get professional at betting, if you want to be successful at betting; then ensure that you work on having all or most of these traits. If you do so, success is only a little while away.

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