Beginners guide to sports betting: the Dos and Don’ts of online sports betting

2019-10-09 News

Hi there, I'm sure you know that sports betting is getting more and more popular everyday. But the truth is right from the beginning of sports, betting on the outcome has been a ‘thing'. Now technology has taken it a notch higher. Today sports betting has is something more intricate. There are a lot of things you need to know before delving into the world of online sports betting. If you are pretty a new bettor with little knowledge, it is very important that you equip yourself with the knowledge in this post. Enjoy!

The Dos of Sports Betting

1. Place your bet with a reputable site and choose the best betting site

One common mistake bettors make is depending on shady and fishy sites. Such sites are a sure way to lose money, and always lead to regrets. If you are interested in winning money based on your prediction with your hanky-panky business involved, pick a reputable site such as BetBonanza has a great weekly betting tip called The Bull's Tip. The Bull's Tip is a set of prediction based on facts and statistics, not assumptions. betBonanza is the leading betting site that makes it easy for beginners and even professionals to win big with little stakes. The Bull's Tip will help you make informed betting decisions.

2. Set a budget

Once you have a few wins, it is possible that you will get an ego boost that will end in a decision to bet more frequently and with higher stakes. We like to call that feeling 'the voice of inexperience'. Betting should not be considered as a business. You should rarely stake an amount you cannot afford to lose. Do not get greedy. Have a budget on how much you plan on spending weekly or monthly. Your budget should contain an amount you can afford to lose.

3. Bet on ‘unders’ in goals markets

Do not restrict yourself to betting on ‘overs’. A lot of people prefer ‘overs’ not realizing that it is much too much of a handicap compared to betting on unders. Being factual, there are certain matches that just cannot have many goals. You've got to take advantage of your ‘unders’.

4. Do turnover

When you make any win, you should spend it wisely. Take out a percentage to stake on more games. This way you may not need to use from your actual money to stake. It drastically reduces risks. However, this does not work always and you may lose a bet and need to take out from your account again. Remember to stake wisely.

5. Try live bets, virtual games, and online casinos

If you are a big believer in luck, you should try these out. They sometimes yield unexpected gains. Remember to stake wisely. Any game that will cause considerable financial damage if it doesn’t come through should not be considered. Live bets, virtual games, and online casinos are great ways to win money if one is smart. However, luck is not enough to win live bets, casino game, and virtual games. Though they play a role, you should also be well informed.

6. Eliminate emotions when betting

This cannot be stressed enough; betting has no room for emotional bets; if you are looking to be successful, that is. This is why intermediate bettors with some amounts of experience do not bet on their favorite teams. However, most who can reason a bit more use the knowledge they have about their teams to make informed and emotion-free bets. Remember; betting has no place for emotions.

7. Do check out for promos and betting bonus offers

On top sites such as, there are free bonuses and promotions that run at given times. These are other ways to win money through staking. Check them frequently for a risk worth taking. Promotions and betting bonus offers are a great way to win big. Check out current promotions.

8. Do research to be well informed

When research is done properly, you are able to make more informed decisions hence bettering your odds of actually winning. Carry out research on whatever teams you are interested in before staking on them. Also, be well informed about the betting site you are using. That way, you will know how best to optimize the site to your advantage. Researching is extremely important.

9. Be prepared to lose
Realize that you will lose sometimes. It is just the way it is. You cannot win forever. This is why you should stake only sums you can afford to lose.

The Don’ts of Sports Betting

1. Don't ever borrow money to bet

The sure-fire way to lose money as a bettor is to stake borrowed money. If you cannot cover the loss, do not stake on it. Once you find yourself borrowing to place bets, you may realize that you have a betting addiction. Betting addictions drain people fast; watch out.

2. Don't waste free bets and bonuses

Some betting companies such as offer free bets and bonuses to users at different periods. This can come in the form of money for bet placing or free bet token. Whatever the case may be, they must be given the same value that we give the money we pay in. If you credit your betting wallet with your hard-earned money, chances are you are not going to place bets anyhow. However, when some people are given free bets and bonuses, they slack and give less attention to the bets they place with it. They even place bets on whims. Free bets and bonuses should be taken very seriously. It is your opportunity to make a gain from zero capital and that opportunity doesn’t come by every day.

3. Don't get over-confident

If you are winning so far, congratulations. Realize that you are winning due to informed and logical decisions. Continue to make those sorts of decisions. Ensure that every bet made is backed by logical reasoning. Do not get over-confident with your bookings unless you no longer care about being a successful bettor.

4. Don't be impatient

Wait. The best bets come with time. It is a job that has to be monitored all day, every day. This is because you never know when that great opportunity will arise. Do not place bets on just any game because you have money and other games are not available. Wait.

5. Don't chase your losses

When a ticket ‘cuts’ or doesn’t go through, there is always a feeling of loss we experience. Smart bettors analyze and move on. Not-so-smart bettors, however, decide that they must win back what they lose. Such decisions are not even always made with enough knowledge, to back such determination. The unfortunate bettor falls into a spiral of losses, more losses, and even more losses. When you lose a bet, analyze your win and move on. Remember to always stick to your budget; always.