7 tips when hiring a cashier

2021-03-10 News

Hello Tribesman!

Welcome to another week of tips to help you trade more and make more revenue. Now, as a Tribesman, you cannot be everywhere at every time. You need to have a cashier that will be on the ground and work as hard as you do to grow your business.

So we bring to you 7 wise tips to guide you in hiring a cashier.

1. Ensure that the cashier you are employing has either worked with a betting company or is familiar with betting and betting products. You don't want to spend the time you are supposed to invest in growing your business in teaching your cashier the basics of sports betting. It is advisable to hire a cashier that is very enthusiastic about sports as such cashier would flow easily during conversations with customers.

2. Make sure the person you are hiring is someone you can trust. As a measure of security, let your cashier provide a guarantor, that can be responsible in case of theft or “firing”. Experience has shown that some cashiers will go the extra lengths to make money without the knowledge of the Tribesman.

3. Make sure that the cashier you are hiring is computer literate. The entire betting business is based on computers and software, so you can imagine what will happen if your new cashier cannot even control the mouse. Besides, being computer literate helps a cashier to take bets fast.

4. Test the arithmetic knowledge of the cashier. This is so important because the betting business is based on mathematics and calculations. From odds to percentages, to calculating bonuses, etc. So test your would-be cashier to know if he/she can do basic calculations in order to avoid cash handling issues or shortages.

5. Hire someone who lives within the location of your shop.  In a city like Lagos where people spend hours in traffic, it makes sense to hire a cashier who lives close to the shop, so that he or she can be punctual and even close late sometimes, so that your business can grow. Such a person will also know the people in that vicinity well and can easily commute to and fro his/her house.

6. It is preferable to hire female cashiers as they are less likely to gamble with your money. Again, this is based on experience. If you have the option of two cashiers who are qualified - a male and a female. We advise you to hire a female.

7. It is advisable to hire someone with a friendly attitude. Customers can sometimes be annoying and some may even act aggressively. So you need a person who is calm, friendly, and understanding, not a person that is willing to be aggressive and unruly when provoked.

So with these tips, you will definitely get the right cashier to work hard with you and grow your business. Keep trading and keep winning. Long live the betBonanza Tribe!

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