A Beginner’s guide to virtual gaming

2020-02-20 News

Think of everything you know about online sports betting. Let your mind stray to betting types, betting rules, and every other thing betting related. Now imagine that same scenario with a little twist. Rather than real-life players playing whatever sport you picked, imagine a computer playing it.

This is exactly what virtual gaming is. Virtual gaming is locally referred to as ‘baby’.  If you’ve never played any virtual game, here is your quick and easy guide to it.


  • The first step is to visit betBonanza.com/virtualbet. If you have an account, log in. If you do not, you can register a new one. It is safe, easy and stress-free. To your left, you'll see some available games and sports.


  • You have the option of football, turbo football, greyhound, color-color, spin and win, super 6, and keno. On default, it is set on football. If you are interested in virtual betting on football, you can go on, or you can click on any other available sport.


  • When this is done, you'll find that you'll either see a game being played or one about to be played. When a new game pops up, you have about 40 seconds to 2 minutes to place your bet. There is a variety of bets you can choose. Just like in normal bets, you can choose 1x2 Bets. 1 x 2 bet is a popular type of bet that involves predicting who will win or predicting a draw.


  • There are also double chance bets which involve choosing two out of the possible three outcomes for a particular team (win, lose draw). You can also choose under/over goals/points. Betting under 2.5 means that you are staking that the total number of goals in the match will not exceed two. Whereas betting over 2.5 means that the minimum number of goals that will be scored in a match must reach three. When betting under or over, it doesn’t matter what team scores.


  • These are just some of the possible bets you can place. You can read up on bet types on betBonanza for more information. However, note that in virtual gaming, the number of available games is not usually as much as it was originally.


  • When you pick your preferred bet types, you simply have to wait. Normally, a football match takes 90 minutes or more. However, with virtual betting, once you click on the bet type, you’ll watch both teams play. The general match will take less than a minute. You’ll watch as it progresses and in less than a minute, your win (or loss) is ready. 


  • The main and only difference between sports betting and virtual betting is the use of a computer to play it. This simply means that it depends a lot on luck rather than critical predictions. People enjoy playing virtual games because of how quickly it runs. You do not have to wait for 90 minutes or more to know the fate of your ticket. 


  • Whatever knowledge you have of sports betting should still be kept during virtual betting. However, this is the betting type where following your instinct is not a bad idea at all as you can hardly predict the computer.


So you have all the basics at your fingertips. Now it's time to turn your knowledge into wins at the Virtual Arena. Get ready to dare. Dare to be better today.

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