Five things you should know about virtual gaming

2020-02-18 News

Do you know that virtual gaming is a real deal for bettors in Nigeria? There are several reasons why punters in Naija are choosing virtual betting. A lot of these are learned through experience. However, learning through your own experience is not pleasant. It is much better to learn from someone else's experience and that is what you are doing now.

For starters, you can check out these five (5) things you need to know about virtual betting. You will definitely learn something.


The Basics

Firstly, What is virtual gaming? Virtual gaming is simply an electronic form of whatever game it is you are playing. It means that these games are played by the computer and not real humans. You are to predict the outcome of the game. These games are fast and so in a minute, the whole match comes to an end. 



There are quite a number of advantages to virtual betting. For starters, there is always a virtual game running.  You do not have to wait till weekends or a particular period due to a lack of games. Another advantage is how quick and snappy the affair is. In less than five minutes, you can pick a game, place a bet, watch the match and watch the outcome. There is also no chance of corruption due to VAR or morally deficient coaches and referees. The outcome is decided randomly. You simply have to guess it. 



Virtual gaming is not a game of skill or prediction derived from analysis. It is a guess-game and so, it defies strategies and analysis. Another is that with sports betting, watching the match gives a thrill. Sometimes even if the tickets cut, the joy gotten from watching the match makes up for the money loss. In virtual gaming, there is no such consolation.


The use of RNG

A lot of people distrust virtual games. This is because they wonder if the bookmaker can set the scores to favor themselves at the expense of the bettors. However, this is false. The scores are generated through the use of RNG. RNG stands for Random Number Generation. RNG is tested by independent laboratories and certified. This means that the Bookmaker has no control over the outcome. In fact, if a hundred people log into the betting site at the same time, the same game will appear to all of them. Similarly, they will all get the same match results and so, there is no manipulations or dishonesty involved. 


Licensing restrictions

Due to the use of RNG, bookmakers cannot use the name of leagues or teams. Some decide to add slight changes to the names of popular leagues and clubs. Due to this, rather than having Barcelona playing, you could have Catalan FC. Other bookmakers may use Barca FC, and so.


Finally, you must know that Virtual betting is definitely not complicated. It is very much like games where your luck or guessing power is put to the test. It's always a good idea to try out these types of betting as they are easy to win and they do not waste time.


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