Top three online casino games in Nigeria

2020-02-18 News

Casino games are taking everyone by storm these days. They are different kinds of betting that hold different types of appeal.  Lots of bettors are trying out casino games for various reasons. For one thing, they are available all day.

Unlike physical casinos, you do not have to wait for them to open. You can play at any time. Another reason we love them is that there is a much better general or overall payback percentage. This means it's easier to win good money if you pick your games right.

Also, you do not need to wait in line for space to be freed up. When you are ready, you can play immediately. There’s also little or no need for a ‘poker face'. One other reason is that there’s a whole lot of games available. If you’re using a good online casino such as betBonanza's which is the largest in Nigeria, you'll realize just how many casino games are available.

There are so many on ground and they are updated ever-so-often. Lastly, if you play games at a casino, you definitely know how stressful it gets. You will need to tip the dealers, be careful of shady persons, worry about parking, and endure loud and annoying noises from other persons playing. However, in an online casino, you do not need to tip any dealers. You also do not need to bother about any shady persons. You can also enjoy the silence and not bother about parking.

One question asked by a lot of people who are new to casino games is what games to play. If you're into casino games, here are three games that are easy to play and also have lots of monetary gains attached.


Blackjack is a popular game by name. Even if you have not played the game before, you’ve most likely heard of it. Blackjack is centered around the number 21. In blackjack, you and the dealer (who in this case is a computer) keep playing cards from an upturned stack turn by turn. The aim is to get the cards as close as possible to 21. If your cards are at 17 when totaled, you could choose to stop there or add another card. If you do and your card has the number 5 or anything above, you lose. The aim is to get the cards as close as possible to 21 or to exactly 21.

If the dealer loses, you win. If your cards get to 21 on the dot, you earn a little more.  


Baccarat is a little more complex but pays well too. Here are the main rules:

  • Get as close to 9 points as you can
  • There are three possible bets to make. You can bet on the player to win, the dealer to win, and on a tie
  • The tallying points are Ace = 1. 2-9 are placed at face value. Face cards = 10
  • The dealer’s 3-card draw is set beforehand
  • The score kickstarts a preset action. 5 kickstarts drawing a card, 6/7 is for a stand, 8/9 is neutral and the highest hand wins.
  • If your hand value is more than 10, you subtract ten from it to get your true score.  

Sugar Rush

Sugar rush makes our list because it requires little skill. Despite how undemanding it is, you can rack up crazy wins. It features 3 rows and 5 columns of yummy candy. The aim is to get a whole row of matching candies. When you do that, you win. It is really that simple.

These three games are just some of the simplest games with nice wins and are recommended for beginners. There are a lot of other games based on different things that are sure to catch your attention.


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