Which is easier: online casino games or sports betting?

2020-02-18 News

Online casino games and sports betting are so alike and yet so different. This causes a lot of people to compare and contrast them. Although in Nigeria, sports betting happens to be more popular, while casino games are just growing steadily. Casino games have a lot to do with luck. Often, casinos ask 'how lucky are you feeling?' It is quite different from sports betting which is all about prediction, analysis, and other similar skills.

People interested in online casino games often wonder if they’ll have more luck in it than in sports betting. In this article, we’ll be comparing and contrasting in order to determine which is actually easier.

Need For Expertise

Both casino games and sports betting require the expertise of some sort. In sports betting, you need to know about sports to an extent to be able to bet. Of course, even without knowing anything about sports, you can place a bet as long as you have the money but the likelihood of you winning would be quite low.

In casino games, less expertise is required. Once you know how the game works, you have a chance of winning. Of course, those who have played for years would floor a newbie but nevertheless, a newbie actually has a chance to win.

When compared, it is easier to win as a novice in casino games than in online sports betting.


In sports betting, all things being equal, predicting the outcome is not hard. If Liverpool has won their last 40 games, it doesn't take a genius to predict that they'd win the next game, especially if they play against a weak team.  It would be very easy to carry them for straight win. This prediction is very easy and given. In sports betting although not all predictions are so easy to make, nonetheless, if one considers the factors on ground, a prediction with a fighting-chance can always be made.

However, in casino games, that is not the case. It is much easier to predict when playing against human beings. You can get to know their patterns, body expressions, etc. You'll be able to predict if they'll hold, fold, or call it units. You'd know their body language when they have an ace up their sleeve. When you are playing with a computer, it's another ball game entirely. There is little or no prediction involved. It simply depends on experience, skill, and of course, lots of luck.

Final Verdict?

So what is the final verdict? Well, the answer really depends. Sports betting is easier for those who are ready and like games that are actually quite predictable.  If you'd rather have at least a little assurance about what you are doing and the bets you are placing, sports betting is for you.

If you are the type that doesn't mind trying out new things and if you do not mind testing out how lucky you are, casino games are for you.


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