COVID-19: How sports lovers can make money without sports betting

2020-03-16 News

Sports events and the sports industry around the world have ground to a halt in recent weeks. The outbreak and spread of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) has virtually stopped all sports and indeed football activities in most continents of the world. In this piece, we will look at how betting companies are going the extra mile to keep their punters engaged and making money.

Impact on sports

Most leagues in Europe have been suspended. Many other sports have also been suspended or postponed around the world. This has thrown millions of fans into limbo, and uncertainty. Not knowing when the situation will normalize, or when they can begin to watch their favorite stars and teams again. The situation is worse for Clubs and FAs who are already going into debt. Recently the players, coaches, and directors of Borrusia Mochenglabach agreed to donate their wages to help the club financially. Many are already saying that unless the matches resume across the leagues (even if it is behind closed doors), the latest by April, many clubs to survive economically. That means hundreds of thousands of jobs may be lost. Well, that is to tell you the mess that many European clubs are going through.

With the English Premier League has already been postponed till no earlier than April 30th 2020, we can only wait for April when most of the FAs will meet to assess the situation and discuss the way forward. The fans are indoors, the players are indoors, the coaches are indoors, the officials now meet virtually from different locations. Truly these are dark days for the sports world. The clubs are losing money, the FA is losing money too, the players are losing money, the fans are having tension, and it seems that it's just doom and gloom for the time being. 

But is there any other source of entertainment and relaxation for the average sports lover out there? What is the way forward for the punter who depends on European league not just to watch football, but also to make money by staking on his favourite team or sports? 

Online casino and virtuals to the rescue

A secret goldmine that many punters are not even aware of is casino and virtuals. Well, they can be forgiven for thinking so, after all many of them are football and sports fans, whose passion inspired them to make stakes. So they have only been betting on sports, and now think that only sports can make them win.  The fact is that mentality must be changed in these times. You can win and win real good with either casino or virtuals.

Thanks to the same technology that has eased sports betting, technology has also brought forth new enjoyments and winnings too. Experts have said that in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, online platforms like the casino, and virtuals with no human-to-human interaction is the safest and best bet. You can have the same feel as sports betting. You can have the same opportunity to stake any amount you want. You can also select your favourite teams as you would do in sports betting. But it is better because the matches are played and resulted in less than 5 minutes. 

As more people opt to stay home or are left with few choices for going out, online betting companies are making the option better. Take for instance Nigeria's innovative gaming company betBonanza. The company launched in June last year, and till date has thousands of active customers betting on her platform betBonanza also has several dozens of actively trading agents in Nigeria. She has brought some of the most innovative products to the Nigerian market as far as casino and virtuals are concerned. 

On virtuals, betBonanza has games like:

All the above are super easy to play and the result mostly favours the punters. A lot of people have actually won, and that is why betBonanza Virtuals is growing every day. betBonanza also has Pepper Dem Virtual Jackpots: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. So be on the lookout for the jackpots dropping here and there.


Do you know that betBonanza has the largest  collection of casino and virtual games in Nigeria?

But that is not all. Turning to the casino, which is relatively new for many Nigerian punters, betBonanza also stands out. Her game types range from:

Some popular games that you can check out  include:

Release the Kraken

John Hunter and Tomb of the Scarab Queen

3 Kingdoms - Battle of Red Cliffs

Aladdin's Treasure, and

Vampires VS Wolves

The games are very exciting with the potential for a win very likely. You can play for fun to get a hang of the game or enjoy the real deal by playing for real.

Yes! Sports events around the world have been badly affected by the coronavirus outbreak. But you can always get ahead and make the most of the situation by enjoying betBonanza's innovative casino and virtuals.

To keep safe during the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organisation (WHO) advises that hand washing be made a regular part of one's daily life.

Please see our video on how to watch your hands below.

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