How to plot a big win with betting systems in 2020

2020-04-06 News

Betting some say is partly a game of luck. But do you know that with enough thinking, calculations, and a keen watch, with a touch of guts, the odds can partner-up with you for success over and over again?

This is exactly why football betting lovers always have their ears to the ground, and never miss out on the trending winning strategies. In this piece, we offer you 3 of the top winning football betting systems that are working in 2020. We will explain each system step by step and zone you in on the bigger pictures of each through simple examples. Dive in!

The Kelly criterion

John L Kelly’s financial analytic formula is widely regarded as the 21st-century's bettor’s golden secret to maximizing profit while minimizing risks on a wager. But none saw it coming. Not until recently did seasoned punters riddle the Kelly criterion’s magic and there have already been hundreds of success stories from sports bettors swearing by this golden football betting system. But how does it work, really? The Kelly criterion is one of the football betting systems that is working in 2020 for decisive games ONLY. The idea is to decide the maximum bankroll to place on a wager before staking. This way you foresee your wins or losses before paying the bookmaker and, of course, setting the bars. The great thing is there’s a formula to it. It is a simple formula comprehensible to just about anyone. See it below:

Maximum stake = (Bookmaker’s offered odds × %chances of winning) -1 / (Bookmaker’s offered odds -1) × 100

The maximum stake to be placed comes around as the result of the calculation. The bookmaker’s offered odds are the odds offered by your bookmaker of choice, betBonanza of course. And finally the chances of winning, it is decided by you. Coming around with a precise winning chance number set isn’t a walk-in-the-park for all games. That is why we recommend this system only for when an underdog is playing against a big lion. An example is illustrated below: Illustration of Kelly criterion; an example; the game is Manchester united against the Wolves. Your bookmaker offers 2.00 odds and you’re sure Manchester united is to win so you give them a winning chance of 0.600. The maximum stake you’d placed on the odd in this case is as illustrated in the formula below.

Maximum stake = (2.00 × 0.600) -1) ÷ (2.00 – 1) × 100 Maximum stake = 20%

Get the idea? Great. See our next system of the best football betting systems that work in 2020 with zero involvement in formula or calculation.

Batched betting

Also known as the double betting technique or lay bet matching, batched betting is an exciting way to win big in 2020 with the low ledger. The system hops you over the uncertainties that tie in with throwing the mud at the wall and waiting to see whatever sticks. The entire system is about setting off a bet on a side and laying it off on the other side. This double-sided betting system is a sure money-spilling machine, especially when you have betBonanza as your bookmaker. betBonanza offers you free betting opportunities of up to #14, 000 to make more than 10 batched betting on a roll with no money upfront. With our freebies, you may bet against several odds with us and back those bets anywhere else. You may, however, do it the other way round as long as you are on a trusted platform. See an illustration for batched betting below:

Illustration of batched betting; an example; betBonanza offers you 14,000 in Free Bets, some other trusted bookmakers do the same. You back as many bets as your free ledger goes with us. You then lay off those bets, that is a wager against them, with a paid wager on other platforms. In the end, it is either you win on the laid-off wagers and lose on the backed ones or you win on the backed ones and get a loss on the laid-off wagers. Either way, you win as a wager set is covered by your bookmaker. So when should you use this system? Every time we’d say. Since you have nothing to lose in the real sense we recommend playing around with this strategy but most especially for indecisive games. Say those between two big players. Aside from the winning certainty, this is the best system for beginner bettors and anyone looking to pull off with new sport betting techniques they’ve never tried before.

Betfair trading

Only forex traders know the importance of the opportunities offered by being able to sell or buy at an unregulated time. You can experience the same if you dive into the Betfair trading system now. But here’s the overview. Betfair trading as a wagering system offers the opportunity to back or lay off an odd at any time. Remember all those times you backed an odd strongly before the game only to wish you never went as much in after the first-half? With the Betfair system you simply turn the tables in your favor and lay the bet off or just sell it. This way you never lose. And even when you do it doesn’t bite into your bankroll. Another upside is that you get to escape the pains of most bookmakers’ over-round. Also, you have the chance of buying low and selling high with this system in as much as it remains a market sort of. To get the full picture see the example below.

Illustration of Betfair trading system; an example; you set a draw and back it with an odd of, let’s us say, 3.0. Taking your bankroll to be 1000 Naira in this case you are open to a 2000 Naira win or 1000 Naira loss. The match kicks-off and your backed team are already turning around a bad beat in the first 20 minutes. You decide to lay off your draw just before the second half to save the day. Meanwhile, for the good days when you’re having a great start right from the first half, you may just sell out your bet to a bookmaker or any regular bettor on the market at a great price. And what if what promised a win at the start end up a loss? Well, the loss ends up with whoever you sell your bet to.

Alright, you now have 3 betting systems in your hands, go ahead and start winning!

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