How to Place bets on BonanzaBallz

2020-04-15 News

Bonanzaballz is a game of numbers and colours consisting of 48 numbers and 8 colours. Every six minutes, 35 numbers (sometimes 40 numbers when there is an extra draw of 5 numbers) are drawn out of the 48 available numbers to choose from. A punter can select 14 various options to play with additional bonuses and two jackpots which earns a punter more winnings. The minimum stake is ₦50 and the maximum winning on this game per single bet placed is ₦10,000,000 

Options/Bet Types 

1. Six to Ten number Selection: Here, a punter selects 6 to 10 numbers between 1 and 48 to appear out of the 35 drawn numbers. The higher the numbers selected, the higher the minimum stake. For example: 6 numbers can be played with a minimum stake of ₦50 but with 7 numbers, the minimum stake increases to ₦140 and so on. 

The winning of a punter is determined by the position of the last of the balls chosen as there are odds attached to numbers as they are drawn except the first five. There are always four consecutive rounds that a player can play at every point in time.



2. Random Selection: Here, a punter can click on any number between 6 and 10 in the random box and the system will select 6 to 10 numbers randomly which then follows the same rule as the 6 to 10 number selection where all numbers have to be drawn and the winning is determined by the position of last of the balls to be drawn. 


3. Color Bet: This is when a punter selects six numbers of the same colour and all six numbers must be drawn out of the 35 drawn numbers. The winning is determined by the position of the last of the six numbers drawn. When a punter plays color bet, he has the opportunity to win a color bonus which will be explained in detail under bonuses. 


4. First ball Color: Here a punter has the opportunity to bet on the color of the first ball that will be drawn. There are eight colors to choose from and the result is determined immediately the first ball is drawn. The odd to win is 7.00. 


5. Special Bets: This consists of options which have a 50:50 chance of occurrence and there are eight options to choose from. Odd to win any of these options is 1.90.



Betting History 

A punter can view his betting history as shown below: 

                                                                                                                                                Results of Last Four Rounds 


Additional Bonuses/Jackpots 

1. Double Win: There are always two stars in every draw that appears in random positions; if the last of the numbers selected drops on a star, it doubles the winning of the customer: for example; if the last number drops on odd 7 and the customer played the game with ₦500: winning = 500 X 7= 3500 X 2 = ₦7,000