betBonanza Launches BonanzaBallz: a new numbers and colours games

2020-04-19 News

BonanzaBallz, an innovative numbers & colours game is now online and in our shops too!

We just launched a new ground-breaking gaming product in Nigeria called BonanzaBallz. BonanzaBallz is the first of its kind in Nigeria and is already the toast of many punters and gaming enthusiasts. This is why we have now launched it at all our gaming shops across Nigeria.

What is BonanzaBallz?

Bonanzaballz is simply a game of numbers and colours consisting of 48 numbers and 8 colours. Every six minutes, 35 numbers (sometimes 40 numbers when there is an extra draw of 5 numbers) are drawn out of the 48 available numbers to choose from. A punter can select 14 various options to play with additional bonuses and two jackpots which earns a punter more winnings. The minimum stake is ₦50 and the maximum win on this game per single bet placed is ₦10,000,000. The game is easy to understand and play. Learn how to play in Tutorials. Also, you can watch the video on how to place bets.

According to the Managing Director of betBonanza, Adekunle Adeniji, gaming globally is fast evolving. Therefore, innovation to meet the needs of players is now the new normal. “This product called BonanzaBallz is the first of its kind in Nigeria. It is a result of our desire to always innovate and provide the average Nigerian punter gaming products that will satisfy his entertainment needs. We worked tirelessly with our partners around the world to build an enjoyable and captivating gaming product. We believe BonanzaBallz will consolidate our position as the home of punters around Nigeria”

BonanzaBallz has been a very successful product in the Game Centres of betBonanza across Nigeria. The game has now been introduced in our shops and it is already gaining much acceptance amidst the excitement.

As a company, betBonanza began operations on the 12th of June 2019. We have quickly become the trusted platform for entertainment, recreation, and relaxation for many Nigerian gaming enthusiasts. We have brought state-of-the-art technology and international experience coupled with global best practices, all to make sure our customers get the best anywhere in Nigeria. We are still innovating, expanding our product offerings, and meeting the ever-dynamic Nigerian punter at the point of their gaming needs.

Check out this video tutorial on how to play BonanzaBallz. Afterward, you can play the game with the link at the bottom.

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